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Coach or Mentor

Dec 28, 2020
Coach vs Mentor: How to setup your sexy life
It is so tempting for entrepreneurs to believe the lie that you have to be "self-made." You think it's cheating to have a coach or a mentor, or anyone to guide you. You take on the ridiculous pressure of figuring it ALL out yourself and making it happen all on your own.
But there is no way that one person can be amazing at everything. The concept of being self-made, self-reliant, or the ultimate everything is just impossible and it's a sure way to set yourself and your business up for failure.
In fact, I'd go as far as saying that we are all made to work together, in teams, and on something bigger than us, that requires more than our individual parts.
The problem most entrepreneurs have is that either you are not getting any advice or you are getting it from the wrong people, like friends and family. 
Yes they love us and we love them, but just because they are the loudest voices around us and the...
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Trust The Process

Dec 21, 2020
How To Trust the Process as an Entrepreneur (6 practical tips)
If you're reading this you are most likely a trail blazing entrepreneur. You’ve set up your goal of a sexy life. And now you're building a sexy business to go along with it. 
Isn't it just so exciting? Isn't it incredibly amazing?  I think if you're really honest you can admit that it starts out that way. But something starts to steal the entrepreneurial twinkle in your eye, your excitement & your motivation. 
Whether you are a month in, or it's been 10 years, it's so easy to get bored and discouraged by the process… 
The mundane day to day processes of running your business
The depressing & frustrating processes of failures and challenges that come naturally with the growth of any business
And most of all the careful, strategic process of building your business in the right way.
It is hard to trust a process that is mundane, and even sometimes...
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Messy IS Beautiful

Dec 14, 2020
My Bussiness Is Sexy, Messy and Beautiful 
“Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.” 
Read that again. That might sound strange to you but let me explain. You have DONE it and that is what’s important. You have tried and it didn’t work out the way that you thought it would, and you know what, that’s okay because you have DONE it. If you are going to be too afraid to do anything you are going to end up doing nothing and getting nowhere.  
It’s okay not to be perfect but to embrace the messy instead because when everything isn’t perfect in the process you have gained momentum and learned some valuable lessons that you can improve on next time. Kill that pride and stop worrying about what others think of you. Choose the messy and be proud of that choice.  
I’ve done so many things poorly and far from perfect in my life. 
Read that again. The keyword there...
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Staying in your lane

Dec 05, 2020

Staying in your lane is about, as the book “Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks would say, staying in your zone of genius. Whatever it is that your business is about, it's about sticking with the details most directly related and delegating everything else.

Staying in your lane, with so many distractions, can be tough BUT it doesn’t have to be. I’m going to share my secrets of how to stay out of the ditches and in your lane. 

Staying in your lane means staying on track. You need to look at your parameters, your goals, the things you want to accomplish and use them as side bumpers or the lines along the side of the road. 

This will help you when an opportunity presents itself because TONS of opportunities will present themselves. With these side bumpers, you can very quickly determine and have an answer to whether you are staying in your lane to accomplish what you need to accomplish. 

So you may be asking what EXACTLY does staying in your...

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What is a sexy life?

Dec 05, 2020

What is a sexy life?

Do you want that sexy life? Are you 100% sure you know what that sexy life looks like? Well if you aren’t, we are here to help you discover exactly what a sexy life is.
A sexy life is not generic and looks different for everyone. It does very well have a specific definition and not a generic one. It’s a life based on YOUR priorities and YOUR desires. Ask yourself…  What is it that YOU want YOUR life to look like? 
What do you want to be doing on an ordinary day?
Do you want more time with your kids? More time to surf? Maybe less time spent at your office desk? You fill in the blanks. 
 A SEXY LIFE is being able to do what is a PRIORITY to you. 
This can change over time and is also based on what season of life you are in. Your sexy life will look different to the person next to you and theirs will look different to the person across from them.
Think about what it...
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What is a Sexy Business?

Dec 05, 2020

 What life do you daydream about while you’re switching your laptop on first thing in the morning? What makes your heart soar while you’re watching that minute hand tick up to 5pm on a Friday? That is a sexy life. 

Imagine that sexy life was where you lived Monday through Sunday. That’s just fantasy talk, right? We all know why we can’t live our dreams. We need money, so we need jobs. Jobs have bosses. And bosses make the rules. 

I was there, running what I now call an “Ugly Business.” Sure, it was making me money. So technically it was doing great! It checked all the boxes and I was the boss! But I still didn’t have a life. I had to make that business my life to take care of it, and I was miserable. It was the opposite of a sexy business and a sexy life.

So is there no hope then? Is that it? Living your dream is just for celebrities or trust-fund-kids? 100% Absolutely Definitely Not! 

Today, I have a completely...

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My Sexy Business with Kim White

Dec 05, 2020

Kim White, founder and team leader of the My Sexy Business team is not only a creator and host but an author, social media collaboration specialist, international speaker, and business instructor. Kim then also runs the masterminds around the world, has founded the My Sexy Business academy, the Hope to Hope conference, and the My Sexy Business collaboration summit.  This woman has the ultimate SEXY LIFE and hopes that the launch of her podcasts will show you how you can get that SEXY LIFE too. 

Kim decided to launch her own podcast because she wanted to help people create sexy businesses for their sexy lives. She wanted to help people empower other people to be able to have the life they dream about and then to not just DREAM it but also LIVE IT. 

“What you dare to dream, dare to do.” 

One of Kim’s favourite quotes and a motto she lives by. That is why she decided to take a calculated risk, to take that leap off the cliff and finally launch the...

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