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Hi!  My name is Kim White and I am the founder and fierce leader at My Sexy Business. 

My Sexy Business is all about embracing our messy, our ugly, and our vulnerability. ⁠Being sexy comes in so many different forms. It goes beyond the physical. ⁠There is nothing sexier than CONFIDENCE and a positive MINDSET. ⁠When I came up with My Sexy Business as the name, I wanted people to think outside the box and learn about all the possibilities and opportunities that are available to them. I wanted people to be curious about what we were about and then be surprised when they found out that they could add sexy into their business too. ⁠

My business is sexy! It is exciting; it is appealing. My advice to you all is to embrace yourself as you are. You are what you put out there.⁠ Change your attitude and the rest will follow. ⁠

Who I was before My Sexy Business is not who I am today. I am more, so much more! 

Most importantly I am a wife, mom, and fur mama. I have spent 38 years growing & building relationships in my businesses. Up until this point, I can proudly say that I am a Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Collaborator Extraordinaire, Leader of MSB Team, Mastermind Leader, and Magazine Creator/Founder.

Meet the My Sexy Business Team!

These are some of the amazing humans who are the reason we can do the things that we do!