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Hi. I’m Kim White, founder of My Sexy Business Team. Whether you are wanting to start “something”, but you aren’t sure what, or you already have a great business and you’re just looking for ways to make it better and life sexier…we are here for you!


We are here to breathe on your dreams and show you real-life examples of ordinary people who have done extraordinary things.

Hope to Hope

A conference to offer Hope to those that are stuck in life, or business. Speakers share their stories of overcoming different struggles, both personally and in business and tell how they gained power through being vulnerable.


Listen to all that My Sexy Business is about. Our goal is to help you find your passion, make your business better, and your life sexier. 

Do you own your business or does it own you? Learn the difference…

Sexy Masterminds

The My Sexy Business Team leads mastermind groups all over the world. If you want a big sustainable change in your business and in your life, then one of our mastermind groups may be the thing you have been looking for.

What is butterfly syndrome? (and how to avoid it in business)

Jan 18, 2021

How To Sustain Unstoppable Momentum in Your Sexy Business

Jan 11, 2021

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