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A conference to offer Hope to those that are stuck in life, or business. Speakers share their stories of overcoming different struggles, both personally and in business and tell how they gained power through being vulnerable. 


The Power of Vulnerability

Several years ago, I set an audacious goal for serving others who were feeling discouraged or hopeless. I was given an opportunity to set up an online conference for others to share not only their stories, but also how they got past their brokenness. It was amazing to see how being vulnerable and sharing transparently impacted so many lives. So I did it again, and again, and well, you get the point.

Join me for the Hope to Hope Conference as my guests tell their stories of overcoming, both in their personal lives and in their businesses. Some things are inflicted on us, and some things we inflict on ourselves. Either way, we all need hope. Hope that we can survive! Hope that we can heal! And hope that we can really LIVE again!

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