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Sticky Note Time is the Solution

This all-inclusive online course will help you slow down to speed up. From goal setting to task management, Kim and Jill will walk you through everything they do to stay productive - even when life gets sticky. With Sticky Note Time under your belt, you'll be able to start crushing your goals!

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7 Practical Ways to Slow Down so You Can Speed Up

Slowing Down can mean a whole bunch of things. It’s stopping to intentionally focus on something that will get you back on track with sustainable momentum to keep growing your sexy business, and creating your sexy life.

Get the free download now to learn the first things that we practice slowing down to speed up.

Vision Board Party

One part of the planning process we use is super visual, colorful, imaginative and FUN! We love making vision boards and using them for life and business. 

Join us for a FREE Vision Board Party to kick off each quarter! 

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Join the Vision Board Party quarterly on Zoom

January 27 & 28, 2023

Come and get clear, complete the Sticky Note Time process with us in this powerful and condensed 2-day intensive. 

Be prepared to plan out this new year and see just how much you will be able to move the needle in your life or business. 

Join the Sticky Note Time Panel & Party quarterly on Zoom

Sticky Note Time Panel & Party

One of our favorite things is hearing all of the wins for the members in the Sticky Note Time Community. We love to highlight them and show off what strides they make with this planning and implementation method. 

We are opening this party up to everyone. Stop in to hear what current members are getting done and celebrate with them!

Check our events calendar for future dates.
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Sticky Note Time


Kim and Jill put this course together because this is the EXACT process that Kim used to help build My Sexy Business. She is living proof that this works and My Sexy Business simply wouldn't have existed without it.

 Sticky Note Time

- Sticky Note Time Process videos
- BONUS video
- Sticky Note Time downloadable workbook
- BONUS 1 year support with monthly Q&A Zoom Sessions
- BONUS Accountability Community
- PLUS Quarterly Celebrations on Zoom

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Sticky Note Time Payment Plan

$350 first month

$97 per month (11 months)

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We want to make sure that our course is accessible to everyone who needs it. That's why we offer a payment plan option for those who need a little extra help budgeting for the course.

So if you're ready to get started on your journey to success, sign up today and take advantage of our payment plan option. You won't regret it!