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4 Delegation Skills That Will Help Your Business Grow Faster

entrepreneurship growing your business invest in your business learning to delegate setting yourself up for success Oct 23, 2023
Person delegating tasks with the text: 4 Delegation Skills That Will Help Your Business Grow Faster
What’s one thing a lot of entrepreneurs have in common? A little bit of control freakiness. 
"I drive well. I don't do well as the passenger." 
Kerry Zarb
When you are a control freaky person, you can get a lot done in your business.  But the problem is that your business just won't grow. There is only so much you can do in a day. 
To truly set your business up for success, it’s important to embrace delegation. 
And even more importantly, learn how to delegate well. 
There are bad ways to delegate that will keep you stagnant in your entrepreneurship journey. And then there are good ways to delegate that will keep your business growing and growing and growing. 
Here are 4 ways to delegate well and set your business up for long term growth and success!

1. Delegation Is Not A Boomerang

“Delegation is not a boomerang. It doesn’t come back.” Kerry Zarb
Before you do any delegating, get clear on this principle: whatever you want to delegate is not coming back onto your plate. 
The advice Kim got from her best mentor has to do with delegation: "Find one thing and delegate it and don't ever take it back." 
Be determined enough to find the right person for the job. And don't play with the idea of it coming back onto your plate.
Delegating well involves long term solutions like this. And that’s how you set your business up for success. 

2. Delegation Requires Investment

“You are making an investment into another human or into the learning curve of how a new piece of technology works.” Kim White
The goal of delegating is getting time back, to do the things in your business that only you can do. And ultimately to grow your business, and keep growing. 
But keep in mind that before you start getting significant amounts of time back, you will need to invest some time and energy into the process. 
You might choose to start delegating tasks in your business to a person or a new program that will automate your tasks. You can get time back from either one of them.
But it will take some time for someone to get trained in what you want them to take from your plate. Or it will take time for you to get to know a new platform, feeling confident with its features and what it can do for your business. 
It’s an investment of your time and energy upfront. But it is so worth it. 
It’s one of the ways you can slow down to speed up in your business, and growth will happen so much faster when you invest your time and energy well. 

3. Delegation Requires Careful Choices

“You are going to get a better result if the task matches the human.” Kerry Zarb
As a business owner, you are responsible for everything you delegate. So choose the right person for the job. 
It’s so tempting to rush into delegating because you want more time. Or because you want to hand over the tasks that you don’t enjoy. 
Yes, tossing a task to someone might get it off your plate quickly but is that going to cause you more headaches and problems later on?
You need to consider that person's abilities before you just toss a task over to them. A good strategy is to always stop and consider: Who is going to thrive on this task?
When you make good connections like this then you are setting your team and your business up for success. 

4. Delegation Is A Team Effort

“Let’s figure it out together.” Kim White
To delegate well, you need 2 things: Clarity from the person delegating and buy-in from the person being delegated to. It’s a team effort. 
You don’t need to know all the answers before you start delegating. There is no “one size fits all” for business, so go into the delegation process ready to learn and to find the best way to work together. 
As a business owner, it is your responsibility to be in the middle of the pendulum that swings between two extremes. One extreme is control-freaky where you’re constantly over their shoulder and micro-managing something that should be off your plate. And the other extreme is where you have not been clear with your expectations or given them the right tools for the job. 
If you have never delegated anything before, it’s OK to be open and honest about it. Work on the new process together, and talk about creating a document or a template you can both follow. 
When you work things out together and ensure you both have the right tools for the job, you are setting your business up for success! 
"I like delegating now that I've learned how." 
Kim White
It's worth the investment to learn how to delegate something and really delegate it so it doesn't come back. That's how you get more and more and more done in your business.
Are you ready to join a community of entrepreneurs who are learning how to delegate well together? Join our Groundwork Brigade - a safe space to challenge any control freakiness and set your business up for success. 
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