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5 Top Tips to Getting Clarity in Your Business Today.

Aug 28, 2023
The quality of being clear and easy to understand, see, or hear. 
Let's start by being clear. Crystal clear. 
In business, clarity comes first. 
Why put so much emphasis on clarity in your business?
Clarity can get you what you want as an entrepreneur.
Clarity can stop you from going in the wrong direction in your business. 
This is the recipe you need to create a growing, successful business. 
Are you ready to start getting clear today?
We've put together 5 top tips to get you started on your journey to clarity. 

Don't wait. Get the clarity you need today.

What is it that you want to achieve in your business? Get clear about that now. Right now. In this season. Today! 
Stop flailing around. Don't wait to get clarity halfway into building your business. You may already then be heading in the wrong direction. 
Before you even start building your business, get clear about the direction you are going and the goals you are setting.  
Focus on the here and the now because that is all that is guaranteed. 
This kind of clarity can help you be more focused on reaching your goals and can propel you toward a growing, successful business. 

Are you clear about the costs?

What is your business going to cost you?
And not just financially. 
Of course, the finances are important too. You can't run a business without the cash.
But dollars aside, what is your business going to cost YOU? 
Are you clear about that?
What is your business going to cost you, mentally? Emotionally? Physically? What is your business going to cost your family? Your friends? Have you considered all the costs involved?
Failing to get clear on all the costs, can cost you the life, the growth, and success of your business. 

Slow it down for the sake of clarity

You can't see clearly and achieve the kind of growth and success your business is capable of when you are going at a hundred miles an hour. 
It's good to be busy, and on the go, but if it's affecting your clarity, you need to slow down. 
Stop and think. 
Have 'coffee' with your thoughts.
Ask yourself a few questions to help you get some clarity:
What are the pain points in my business? Why are they pain points? What can I learn from these pain points?
What are the bliss points in my business? Why are they bliss points? How can I create more bliss points? 
Slowing down to get clarity will eventually help you to speed up and send your business into growth and success. 

Use pen and paper to get the clarity you need.

Studies have shown that writing actively engages all parts of your brain. What a great habit to include in your day-to-day life when needing to find some clarity. No distractions and a fully engaged mind. 
Pause and take a moment out of your busy week to take out a pen or pencil and to get clear. Get clear on paper. 
Write out whatever it is that is going to get you the clarity you need to grow and succeed in your business today.

Be the clear solution.

Business is about... 
Solving a problem.
Making someone's life better.
Enhancing something.
Does your business have the kind of clarity it takes to be a problem solver?
To be someone's solution you have to be clear. Crystal clear. 
Questions for clarity...
What does your business do?
What does your business not do?
What problems does your business solve?
How does your business solve problems?
Who does your business solve problems for?
This is an ongoing process and no one size fits all. 
Aim for clarity with each client as you continue to build your growing, successful business. 
Ensuring clarity is the first step to a growing, successful business. Was that clear enough? Start getting clear today! 
We're all about helping you get clear about your goals so that you can start crushing them with the same process we use. Join our online community, Sticky Note Time, that will help you to slow down and get clarity so that you can speed up and stay productive. 
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