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What Is Imposter Syndrome? How Can You Avoid It in Your Business?

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Woman with facial mask on looking in a mirror. What Is Imposter Syndrome? How Can You Avoid It in Your Business?
Have you ever heard of imposter syndrome? And have you perhaps fallen victim to it in your business?
Imposter syndrome is a little voice. A little voice that comes along when you’re about to do something amazing and makes you question everything. 
This little voice wants you to doubt yourself and your capabilities. This little voice screams judgment and tries to make you believe that you're not capable of achieving a growing, successful business.
The thing you might not realize is that you control this little voice.
Are you going to allow it to be a whisper or a loud shout, in your business?
Imposter syndrome is a lie and you shouldn't allow it to affect your business's growth and success. 
So how do you avoid imposter syndrome in your business and instead embrace growth and success?
Let us look at 4 ways you can start eliminating those lies today!

Embrace You

We've all got that someone we secretly wish we could be like. Someone we tend to copy or 'parrot.' Someone that indirectly makes us believe that we're not good enough because they are so perfect. 
The fake facade 'Instagram Perfect' is the perfect example of where this happens on a daily basis.
Don't fall into that trap. Some of these influencers have created a false reality. They may not even be like they appear, so how can you, or anyone else, aspire to that?
Instead, embrace your uniqueness and pour your energy and time into creating the most beautiful version of yourself. 
Don't let the distraction of others, and wanting to be like them, affect your business's growth and success.

Quiet the Peanut Gallery

Have you ever watched a football game with someone who's comfortably seated on their armchair, commenting on the game like they know it all, but they actually haven’t got a clue?
We like to refer to those kinds of people as the 'armchair quarterbacks' or the 'peanut gallery.' They have an opinion about everyone and everything but no experience to actually be saying anything at all. 
Don't fall victim to their opinions. They will cause you to fear that you are not good enough, smart enough, or experienced enough. Just not enough. 
If you believe these lies, the growth and success of your business will be negatively impacted. 
Stand strong in what you know and pursue it wholeheartedly.

Stop Bottling It Up

Take the lid off it for good. 
Recognize those fears, doubts, and anxieties that tell you that you're not good enough.
You have tried and failed to pack it all away, wondering how to achieve this. 
Firstly, you need to understand what it is and why it is present in your business and life. What and who is making you believe that you are not good enough?
Next, you need to start addressing the lies. Stop bottling it up and packing it away for the next time. Because there will be a next time. Instead, address it so you can squash it for good. 
Get your booty (and mind) on track, so that your business can keep growing and succeeding.

Don’t Do Business Alone

No man is an island and everybody needs somebody. But it's important who that somebody is. 
When doing business with others that accept and appreciate you for who you are, you won't feel the need to be someone else. 
Join a community of people that allow you to believe in yourself and love yourself. A community that encourages you to get up after you fall and always strive to do better. Your business growth and success will skyrocket. 
Business is better together. Don't do business alone. 
Let's slam the brakes on imposter syndrome and instead accelerate and reach for the stars. Your business will thank you for it. 
Here at the My Sexy Business Team, we're all about community and helping you grow and succeed in your business and life. We want you to believe that you can and that you will. 
Join our Groundwork Brigade where we show you how to build a relational business using irresistible marketing strategies, tailored around your individual needs, in a group setting, with lots of accountability and support. 
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