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3 Reasons Why Passion Is The Secret To Starting A Successful Business

Aug 08, 2023
Successful businesswoman with a red heart and text: 3 Reasons Why Passion Is The Secret To Starting A Successful Business
What's the first question to ask when you're starting a business?
Don't start with "What business should I do?"
Instead ask: "What do I really want out of life?"
If you go there first, then business is easier. 
Start with "What makes me excited to get out of bed in the morning?"
Think about what you love, and why you love what you love. 
Financial security can be at the top of your list. It's important, of course. But when you focus only on money, it changes what you’re building, the choices you make, and the long-term success of your business. 
Finding your passion should be the first step in starting your business.
Knowing your passion and using it to help others is what's going to create a thriving, successful business. And here are 3 reasons why.


1. Finding Your Passion Will Help You Make Sales

“You can make money doing anything you’re passionate about if you do it the right way.” 
- Kim White
It’s not a bad thing to sell. In fact, you need to sell to survive in business. 
But selling shouldn't be what drives you. As an entrepreneur, you should move as far away from sleazy selling and creepy marketing as possible. 
It's pure passion that leads to sales. 
When you understand a product, believe in the product, and get excited about it, that's when you begin to simply sell.
And when it’s your product, something you feel passionate about, you immediately feel more confident and comfortable, because you know your business inside and out. 
It’s a great thing to be a solution to someone’s problem. If you’re the solution to their problem, then you can be happy and proud of what you’re selling. 
Starting a business with passion about your product will set you up for successful sales from the get-go!


2. Finding Your Passion Will Help You Do The Hard Business Things 

When you are starting a business, you need to wear all the hats because your budget probably won’t have the wiggle room to outsource and delegate just yet. 
And it’s only natural to not be good at every single part of your business in the beginning. Marketing, finances, websites, and the scary list goes on! This is when business starts to get hard. 
But when you are passionate about your business, it’s easier to get started in making your business a success in the areas that aren’t necessarily your favorites. 
See it as an opportunity to learn about all the moving parts in your business and to set your business up for success in the long run.
It’s amazing what you can learn when you are starting a business. You can lay the perfect foundation for a successful business if passion and perseverance are involved. Then, later on, when your business grows, you can confidently delegate or outsource.


3. Finding Your Passion Will Help You Stay Motivated

“It only took me 40 years to become an overnight success.”  - Kim White
Starting a business is one thing, but staying the course and growing a successful business takes motivation, community, and a whole lot of 'efforting.'
When you wake up in the morning, what are the thoughts running through your head? 
“Oh no, I’ve got to get up and work.” 
“Oooh I can’t wait to get going!” 
Passion is the secret ingredient that keeps you motivated to keep going, on good and bad days.
Passion even sparks the excitement so that when you think of your schedule, your eyes sparkle and your mouth lifts in a little secret smile. 
A lot of hard work goes into building a successful business. You don’t just wake up successful. 
But you can wake up motivated, and passion for your business is what sparks that motivation. And that’s how you set your business up for success from Day 1.


A Word Of Caution: Do You Have A Hobby Or A Passion?

“You need to keep that separation between what is your passion that’s going to be your business VS what is a hobby that is your escape.” - Kerry Zarb
Before you jump into making your hobby a business, ask yourself: "Is this my hobby or is this a passion?"
Everyone needs hobbies, especially entrepreneurs. Whether it’s gardening, painting, or arts & crafts. You might love doing it, but ask yourself, very seriously, if you could do this every day.
Because once you’ve got a business, you’re going to need a hobby to escape it from time to time!
But on the other hand, maybe your hobby is your business in disguise. So many big companies have come from humble startups. 
You never know what’s possible. So don’t use “that’s just my hobby,” as an excuse that keeps you from starting a successful business that you’re passionate about.
“There’s no deadline on finding your passion.” - Kerry Zarb
Isn't that great news? 
Business is hard, but it’s easier when you know what you’re passionate about. 
And it's even easier when you're surrounded by like-minded entrepreneurs who are building businesses they are passionate about too.
If you're ready to build a business you love, around a life you love, join our Groundwork Brigade community of fierce entrepreneurs who are moving the needle forward week by week.
If you missed the conversation between Kim and Kerry on their podcast Buckets and Boomgates, you can catch it here.
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