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Watch Your Mouth

Mar 08, 2021

Did you know that you have an enemy to building your sexy business and it’s not who you think it is! 

In the My Sexy Business podcast, we are working through the 100 principles for building a sexy business for a sexy life and a theme that keeps coming up is alignment.

For a business to be sexy, everything needs to be aligned with your goals. We’ve looked at attitudes, habits and now we are looking at another factor. One that is so close to us, that it may be difficult to even notice its influence. 

It has the power to make or break a sexy business! But the good news is that this powerful factor doesn’t have to be an enemy if you know how to manage it.

Your Words are Powerful

Entrepreneurs know that they need to be listening to and learning from wiser, experienced mentors. Maybe you listen to podcasts and read blogs from the experts. You know that their words can motivate you and help you as you work hard to build a sexy business.

What you may not realize...

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Vision Boards

Mar 01, 2021

A vision board. You probably know what it is and you’ve probably made one yourself, but today I want to help you understand how a vision board can impact your life to make it sexy and beautiful. 

A vision board consisting of images, put simply, is something that needs to be in your line of vision, not only in the vision for your life but in your line of eyesight. This is important. Vision boards are eyesight related. You want to put your vision board somewhere where you can see it, not necessarily always concentrate on it but always be able to take note of it. Put it in your office, your living room, your bathroom wherever it is that you are going to see it and see it and see it. 

Vision boards should be simple and uncluttered. Simple vision boards result in simple and clear goals that will realize a lot quicker than goals that are complicated and jumbled. I don’t mean less impactful or smaller goals but goals that define what you really want, goals that are...

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Focus on What You Want

Feb 22, 2021

I have a big question for you today. What are you doing about the F word? No, I’m not cussing, I’m talking about FOCUS. Are you FOCUSING on what you want, or are you FOCUSING on what you don’t want? This is the thing with FOCUS, you move towards that which you are FOCUSING on. Are you FOCUSING on a sexy business and a sexy life? 

I’m going to give you an example from my own life. I was in a lot of debt at one point in my life, truth be told, I’ve been in debt several times in my lifetime, and as you can imagine, I didn’t want to be. However, instead of focusing on abundance and bringing in the money, I was focusing on the debt and my thoughts were always on the debt. My focus was in the wrong place, and guess what? I didn’t make any progress and my life wasn’t sexy until I changed what I was focusing on. 

So what are you focusing on that you don’t want? Flip that around and turn your focus to that which you want. If...

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Playing or Committed

Feb 15, 2021

If you are an entrepreneur building a sexy business, you have to take the commitment test soon as possible. And it is crucial to answer 100% honestly. But be prepared, it may be difficult if deep down you know it’s not going to be an answer you’ll like. 

I am an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of the My Sexy Business Team. I’ve had an ugly business in the past, and a sexy business now, and I still have to take this test myself, and get totally honest. 

This is NOT a one-time test. I have had to ask this question over and over and over again as I’ve built my sexy business. And I want to help you be as real as possible because what is at stake is the success of your sexy business, and ultimately, your sexy life. 

We are working through the 100 principles that will lay the proper foundations for you to create a sexy business for a sexy life. And this commitment test is crucial because the answer has roots that go deep down inside of you, but...

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Creating Recipes

Feb 08, 2021
How to create recipes for a sexy business 
In business and life, we could all be saving a lot of time and a lot of money. But how, you may ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. By creating a wash, rinse, and repeat recipe. By creating these recipes you are ensuring a sexy business and a sexy life. 
Have you ever thought about creating recipes for your life? How do you even create a wash, rinse and repeat recipe for your business and your life? Where do you even begin? Let me explain. 
Start by putting automation, processes, and systems in place. These words might sound super scary to you but they don’t have to be and here is why. 
Imagine the magic that can happen if you have a recipe for something that has to be done and you don’t have to spend all your time and brain cells doing it all yourself? That is sexy.  Delegation is a very sexy process because it gives you the ability to pass something on...
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Routines or Schedules

Feb 01, 2021

Routines and schedules. What is better for business?

Do you know the difference between a routine and a schedule? Well if you don’t, it's important that you keep reading because knowing the difference can change your life and make it sexy. 

Do you want magic to happen all around you? Do you want to take the pressure off? Do you want to show up without that black cloud over your head? Do you want a sexy business and a sexy life? Well, then you need to create a routine instead of a schedule. 

Schedules are rigid. You have to do this by 9 am, you have to be here by 10:15 am, you have to get certain things done at a certain time. The problem with a schedule is when it gets interrupted. The baby starts crying or the dog needs to be taken to the vet. What happens to your rigid schedule then? The interruptions completely throw your day and your schedule and there is pressure because your schedule has created just that. No flexibility.  

I want to challenge you to...

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Stacking vs Multi-Tasking

Jan 25, 2021
The Best Alternative to Multi-tasking For Entrepreneurs
Raise your hand if you are a proud multi-tasker! Or maybe you know you’re hopeless at multi-tasking and think that’s a sign your business will never succeed. 
P0 Entrepreneurs are conditioned to thinking that being a good multi-tasker is a crucial business skill.  It’s a commonly accepted belief that it’s a prerequisite for anyone who wants a successful (and sexy) business. But I don’t believe it and I don’t promote it.
I want to say for the record that multi-tasking is actually a myth. It’s something that entrepreneurs all bought into, thinking we could do everything at the same time. We wanted to believe it could be true - that we could get everything done, and that it could be amazing! And we are so hard on ourselves when we can’t do 5 things, really well, all at the same time! 


Let’s be...
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Butterfly Syndrome

Jan 18, 2021
What is butterfly syndrome? (and how to avoid it in business)
The butterfly syndrome. Do you know what it is? Do you suffer from it? Did you know that it is highly contagious?
The butterfly syndrome is a phrase I coined when I noticed something amongst my friends. I noticed my friends who do business, doing different things almost all the time. They would be all in on one business and then all of a sudden I would see them off doing something completely different. They would be doing an entirely different business. Then I would see them again and they would be off doing a different thing, once again. 
 I would see them flitting around, just like a butterfly does. I’ve seen myself flitting around, doing everything I need to do EXCEPT that which is good and necessary for my business. That is not sexy and it’s not going to help me create a sexy business for a sexy life. 
The butterfly syndrome is very contagious and can reoccur. We...
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Slow Down to Speed Up

Jan 11, 2021
How To Sustain Unstoppable Momentum in Your Sexy Business 
Did you know that one of the defining characteristics of a Sexy Business is sustainable momentum
Momentum is that magical groove you get into as an entrepreneur when you feel unstoppable. Your business is expanding. Visions are becoming reality. Your clients love you and are referring more work to you. Your calendar (and bank account) are filling up. And your dreams for your sexy business are coming true… but usually at one big cost: the cost of your sexy life! 
This cost is the major danger that unsustainable momentum brings! 
We try to build a sexy business for a sexy life. But when momentum pushes us to work at full throttle, non-stop there is no way to be living a sexy life. It’s also a terrible sign for our business in the long run, because we begin a downward spiral of productivity and ultimately our momentum can’t keep up and...
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Soft Selling

Jan 04, 2021
What is soft selling(and how to use it in business)
What is soft selling you ask? Soft selling is a SEXY way of selling something. 
I am sure you have come into contact with that sleazy salesman that makes you cringe and want to run away because they are always selling you something and convincing you that you need to buy whatever it is they are selling because they just need to make a sale. This is what soft selling is NOT. 
What soft selling IS? Soft selling is giving value and leading with serving which in turn leads to people buying what you have to offer because you have proven that you care about what they need. 
This may sound crazy to you but I have turned down money for classes and service because it just wasn’t a good fit. I don’t want you to buy something from me if it’s not going to enrich your life and if it‘s not good for you. If it’s not a win-win situation and I have to exploit you in some way,...
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