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The Most Important Influence On Your Entrepreneurship Adventure

comparison entrepreneurship self-awareness trusting yourself Feb 19, 2024
 The Most Important Influence On Your Entrepreneurship Adventure
Who or what is steering your entrepreneurship adventure?
You, of course. Right? It should be, but let’s be honest and vulnerable for a moment. 
Entrepreneurship can be full of comparison. When it’s time to make decisions in your business, you can’t help looking around to see what others are doing.
Your friends, family, mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs might have a lot of differing advice along the way. 
And sometimes the advice, strategies, tools, and ideas of other people might look very appealing and get presented in a very attractive way. 
You can’t help thinking "I want to do that thing" or “I want to be that person” … especially when it looks glamorous and exciting. 
Before you know it, your entrepreneurship adventure might have taken a course that is completely different to where you wanted to be… and not in a good way. 
“I don't know anyone who has taken the entrepreneurial adventure that has not been under the influence at some point.” Kim White
Let’s dive into why it is crucial to be aware of the influences in your business. And how to make sure you are filtering only the best influences that will keep you on course with your own entrepreneurship adventure.

How Are Your Influences Affecting Your Entrepreneur Adventure? 

What does it mean to be “under the influence” as an entrepreneur? 
When you know what you need to do but then you subject yourself to something that numbs that intuition. Or when you listen to someone else over what your tummy is telling you. 
“Every time you get under the influence of something that takes you off the path you are supposed to be on, it makes you trust yourself less.” Kim White
It can be very dangerous as an entrepreneur to not be thinking for yourself. Your entrepreneur adventure is your own. You are building a business and a life that you love and that suits you. 
There is a lot at stake when you compare your business to others and allow those influences in. 
How do you avoid comparison pushing you off course? Self-awareness. You have to be aware of who and what is influencing you at each point in your adventure. 
Practice self-awareness honestly and regularly in your business, and as you make decisions in your entrepreneur adventure if you want to stay on course with your own goals and dreams. 

The Internal Influences: Fear vs Intuition 

But when you’re listening to your inner voice, remember that the influences that can take you off course on your entrepreneur adventure don’t only come from out there. 
Sometimes they come from inside of you. So your self-awareness needs to include learning to distinguish between fear and intuition. 
There is a difference between your tummy telling you something and fear telling you something. Fear tells you things like:
"I can't do something because I haven't done it before.”
"Someone will judge me.”
"I'm afraid I will fail.”
"I'm afraid I will succeed at it."
Are you listening to your tummy or to your fears? 
Intuitively, you do know what you need to do. But fear can be an influence that keeps you from hearing what your tummy is telling you and from trusting yourself.
So how do you keep your intuition steering your adventure? 

Be Influenced By The Evidence 

If you want to give your intuition the loudest voice among all the other influences, you need to stop to look at the evidence. Look at the value you are bringing to your clients.
“Coming to the realization that I like me, and I'm good at what I do, and I bring value is important.” Kerry Zarb
Learning to trust yourself starts with recognizing yourself. Which is often really hard to do as an entrepreneur.  Very few entrepreneurs start off feeling like "I've got this." 
“If I write a book, does that really make me an author?”
“If I record a podcast, does that really make me a podcaster?”
Remember that you don't have to be the most successful published author or podcaster to be able to call yourself an author or podcaster.
Regardless of how your book or podcast ranks with anyone else, you can say, “Yes I am an author. Yes I am a podcaster.”
Fear and comparison are two influences that take you off course on your entrepreneur adventure. 
But self-awareness, trusting your intuition, and recognizing yourself will keep you building the business and life of your dreams. 
We want to give your entrepreneurial adventure a shorter learning curve than we've had. We've done some things the hard way and we are sharing so that you don't have to.
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