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Repetition: The Secret Sauce For Client Success and Business Growth

client needs commitment consistency messaging repetition Apr 01, 2024
Repeated image of Jack Russel with the text
Do you find it frustrating when you have to repeat yourself again and again and again?  Don’t worry, it’s a common feeling for most entrepreneurs on the planet. 
“Why am I always having to repeat myself?” 
“Why won’t they just get it?”
“How many times do I need to tell you?” 
Nobody wants to feel like a broken record. And it’s easy to start thinking that there must be something wrong with your clients, your team, or your whole business.
“We want to say it once, we want you to get it and we want to move on.” Kim White
But repetition is not the enemy of getting things done in your business. Think of repetition as a commitment to consistency. 
Repetition is a powerful tool for any entrepreneur. And here are 3 ways repetition grows your business if you use it wisely. 

Repetition Helps Your Clients To Succeed

Were you born knowing how to walk, eat, or drive a car? Of course not! 
You needed to learn even the most basic human skills. Everyone does! And how did you learn them? When someone taught you patiently and … repetitively. 
In life and business when you’re taught something for the first time, it usually goes straight over your head. It's not that you aren't paying attention. It just has not sunk in yet. 
“Princess confession: Sometimes I need to be told hundreds of times before I comprehend something.” Kim White
Now think about the valuable skills you are teaching your clients.  Someone will rarely hear something once, get it, process it, and implement it perfectly. It’s just not the way that humans work. 
Your clients need repetition. They need consistency. That’s how they win. And when you’re committed to their success, that’s how you win. 
A successful business has your clients' needs at the center. And they might need to hear your messaging repeated 20 bazillion times before they're clear. 

Repetition Helps You To Perfect Your Messaging

The original definition of perfect is "matured."  Maturity comes from time, experience, and life. 
Perfecting your messaging as an entrepreneur is not about having something with no mistakes. It’s about being committed to always finding a better way to connect to your clients' needs. 
You do that through repetition, feedback, and questions… also known as “practicing.”
A great place to practice perfecting your messaging is in the Not Creepy Room on Clubhouse where every week our community of entrepreneurs gets to opportunity to share their messages and receive constructive feedback and questions to keep maturing and perfecting your messaging. 
Practicing is crucial. Not just 5 times. Not even 10 times. 
“People don't get tired of it like we do.” Kim White
The more you can spend practicing, the more your message is refined and perfected. It's OK if it takes 100 times. That consistency is how you are going to get your message out there and grow your business. 

Repetition Brings In New Clients

“We don't know when someone finds us for the first time.” Kerry Zarb
You might feel like you are on a treadmill cycle saying the same thing over and over again. You've said it to death. You've put it out there to death on your website and social platforms. 
Repetition may feel painful. But remember who you are talking to. 
What if someone is an outlier and they haven't heard your message before? What if you are stopping short of that new person hearing your message for the first time because you are tired of repeating yourself? 
It's important to think of them more than yourself. A potential client needs to know how you can have an impact on their business. 
Think about your website. To you, it looks stale because you've looked at it to death. You've seen it so many times. It’s so tempting to change up the headings, images, and messaging to keep things “fresh.” 
But for someone who lands on it for the very first time, it's brand new. And at any point on any day that can happen for the very first time. And if you are committed to consistency then it will be easy for new clients to choose you.

Learn to embrace repetition in your business.
Yes, you might feel like a broken record, but it’s not about you. It’s about what your client needs. It's about getting the message out, and it’s about their success.  
“We may be tired of saying it, and we may be clear on it but if they don't then we aren't done yet.” Kim White
As humans and entrepreneurs, you continue to learn and grow. So ask until you're clear and keep talking until they're clear.
"So how many times do I need to tell you, Kim?" 
"A bazillion and twelve, Kerry!"
Our Groundwork Brigade is a safe space to practice your messaging and learn how to build a relational business using irresistible marketing strategies, tailored around your individual needs, in a group setting, with lots of accountability and support.
If you missed the conversation between Kim and Kerry on their podcast Buckets and Boom Gates, you can catch it here.
To connect and find out more about Kim or how to create a sexy business for a sexy life, you can reach her and the My Sexy Business Team at 
And to connect with Kerry Zarb go straight to her website and you’ll find her there!