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The Best Business Strategy To Kick Off Your New Year

business results business strategy community entrepreneurship Feb 05, 2024
Happy New Year Celebration with text: The Best Business Strategy To Kick Off Your New Year
"Serious results wrapped in fun." Kerry Zarb
What do you really want this year to look like? Have you thought about it yet?
In the My Sexy Business Community, the start of the year is the season to get your business together. It’s the season to get yourself together. 
But it’s not just about recovering from the year before. It’s about dreaming for the year ahead. 
And while you’re dreaming your entrepreneurship dreams, be very audacious! 
Have you started getting excited? 
The real excitement starts to kick in when you start strategizing. Business Strategy might not sound like the friendliest word, but if you want to see results, you need to have a strategy. 
What's the easy way to understand business strategy in the My Sexy Business Community? “Doing the right things in the right order.”
It’s that simple. 

The Secret Weapon To Your New Year’s Business Strategy

 "Mapping is our secret weapon." Kim White
This is not about getting out the old road map and spreading it over the hood of the car. 
But it is about creating a clear road map to achieving your wildest dreams. Because if you do the right things in the right order, you get better and faster results.
You can do mapping using digital programs, or pen and paper. The best is using sticky notes because they give you the ability to switch things around without having to scribble things out. 
When you start mapping, you’ll realize that it's different from what most people will teach you in entrepreneurship. They’ll teach you that you need to do all the things
And you end up filling your plate so full that it makes you move so slowly, because you're trying to do everything at one time. 
Mapping is a way to help you do the opposite. You do one thing at a time, the right thing in the right order. It's a way to help you gain a lot of momentum and a lot of speed, and have success while you're doing it.
There are two crucial elements of mapping that you need to keep in mind if you want this business strategy to bring you real results: community and flexibility.

Mapping: Serious Results Come From Being In Community

“Sometimes when we are planning things we need sounding boards, we need people to brainstorm with.” Kerry Zarb
Mapping is all about answering the question: "What do you want out of this year?" 
You've got to be able to talk through these things with others and then put them in the order that makes sense for your business strategy.
But sometimes it doesn't make sense when you do it alone. So having the opportunity to see things from a different viewpoint and through a different set of eyes can make a big difference.  
In the My Sexy Business Community we spend time mapping together.  It’s a judgment-free safe zone. And it's not a lot of pressure because everyone does it themselves. It's a very simple way to figure out what your year is going to look like.
Doing mapping in your community is one of the ways you can set your dreams up for success this year. 

Mapping: Serious Results Come From Flexibility

"We play in pencil.” Kerry Zarb
This is entrepreneurship: plans can change and they often do. 
It’s like when you take a trip across the country. You start on the route you’ve mapped out.  But you don't know where there is going to be construction happening, or a road is closed somewhere. 
So once you get there, you have to find a way to get around that obstacle and still reach your destination. You might have to find a way around a different street or try going a different route altogether. 
Mapping is similar to that. Your business strategy evolves into your own adventure. So don't put things in hardcore concrete ever. 
Your steps can move around if you get to the 2nd quarter and realize that it doesn't make sense to do step 4 after step 1,2,3...maybe number 7 is the best next step. You can play a little by shifting things because it's your business and you can do what you need to do without being judged or having to follow a rigid plan.
Mapping is your secret weapon for creating a business strategy that will give you serious business results.
And community and flexibility are at the heart of mapping.
It's the season to get your business together: to build the business and life of your dreams. So don't hold back. What do you want this year to look like? 
We do mapping together in our Groundwork Brigade Mastermind Community and if you are interested in joining us while we do our mapping together in January, just message us and we will help get you signed up. Your first month is FREE. 
If you missed the conversation between Kim and Kerry on their podcast Buckets and Boom Gates, you can catch it here.
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