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3 Ways You Need To Stop Sabotaging Your Clients’ Success (And Your Business Growth)

client needs commitment consistency messaging repetition Apr 15, 2024
Hand holding a bomb with text: 3 Ways You Need To Stop Sabotaging Your Clients’ Success (And Your Business Growth)
What is the key to making sure your clients succeed? Repetition! 
Your clients need you to be in repeat mode. That’s how they win. And so that’s how you win.
"How many times do I need to tell you? Well, as many times as you need to hear it." Kim White
But if you are getting frustrated repeating your message to your client, you could be sabotaging their success and your own. 
3 barriers stop most entrepreneurs from embracing repetition in business. 
If you know what they are, you can identify them in your own business, deal with them, and get back to helping your clients succeed! 

Focus On Your Clients’ Needs Instead Of Your Own

“We have to take ourselves out of the equation.” Kerry Zarb
Do you find yourself feeling frustrated when you have to repeat yourself again and again and again?  Well, remember, it’s not about you. 
A successful business has your clients' needs at the center. And they might need to hear your message repeated 20 bazillion times before they're clear. 
Were you born knowing how to walk, eat, or drive a car? Probably not. 
You need to learn even the most basic human skills. Everyone does! And how do you learn those skills? When someone teaches you patiently and … repetitively. 
So, you might feel like a broken record - saying the same thing over and over again. But don’t begrudge anybody needing to hear your message more and more and more before they understand.
Think about the commitment you have made to your client and the value you want to bring to their business.  
Repetition doesn’t slow down your business, it’s that consistency that’s growing your business from the inside. 

Practice Being Patient 

“Did I really give that a good go? Did I really give that the chance that it deserved?” Kerry Zarb
Impatience might just be enemy #1 of repetition. Impatience is what causes a lot of entrepreneurs to give up on keeping going in business.
You put something out there for a month, and nothing has happened. Nobody responded.  You think that nobody needs your help.  So instead of staying committed to your clients’ needs, consistent with your messaging, and repeating your offer, you shut it down. 
But you didn't give it time, or a chance to gain any traction. If you are truly committed to what you are offering the world then you have to keep going. 
It's a long game, digging deep, thinking about others, and not being in that rush. But it is a much longer game when you keep stopping and starting something new again and again. 
You do know how to do things. You are getting clearer on what you're saying. You're listening to people and those are all very important skills that you're learning along the way. 
So think about which game you want to play. 
Do you want the long game where you're working and doing things in the right order? Or do you want the long long game, where it takes forever to build momentum because you never stay on something long enough to build momentum?

Don’t Get Bored With Repetition

“Settling in is hard sometimes especially the part in your business where everything becomes maintenance.” Kerry Zarb
Building a business can be quite exciting, but maintaining a business can be pretty boring. And especially if you don't set it up right, it can be very boring. 
The things that sell are usually simple. But ironically, simple often feels like boring
And when you are bored with something, you don’t want to do it anymore. But that's not business. Business is being repetitive and being good at what you're repeating. 
“Sometimes just doing the one thing and being who we are and offering it to the world is where we're meant to be.” Kerry Zarb
So when you get bored with your messaging, it is very dangerous. Repetition helps you to be consistent as you maintain your business. 
And being committed to your clients’ needs is the thing that will keep business exciting, your clients succeeding, and your business growing. 
“We’re sick of saying it, so everyone must have got it.” Kerry Zarb
And now you want to move on to a new message & bring something fresh to the table. 
When you get bored with your own messaging and impatient with your progress it is very dangerous for your clients and your business. 
You have to keep your clients’ needs at the center of your business. Remember, your clients are humans, and humans need repetition, consistency, and commitment. 
Our Groundwork Brigade is the perfect place to practice embracing repetition in your business.  It’s a community of entrepreneurs learning how to build a relational business using irresistible marketing strategies, tailored around your individual needs, in a group setting, with lots of accountability and support.
If you missed the conversation between Kim and Kerry on their podcast Buckets and Boom Gates, you can catch it here.
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