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How To Setup Your Business For Life-Long Success 

entrepreneurship persevering in business serving your clients starting a business successful business Dec 04, 2023
Happy woman celebrating success with text: How To Setup Your Business For Life-Long Success
When you're starting a business and it starts getting hard, it's easy to get into a pattern of stopping suddenly and starting something new. 
But think about an everyday example from life. If you had an issue with a moth or a bug in your house, would you sell your house and move? Or would you pivot for a minute until someone can get the moth out?
Just like that little moth, there are annoying things about business too. And you have to make the decision not to “pack up and move house” every time something bothers you in your business.  You have to learn to deal with the moths. 
If you're committed to your business, ask yourself these 4 questions when irritating things come up. That's how you can learn to work through them and set up your business for long-term success. 

Question 1: Are you keeping your word or trying something new?

Do you keep trying something new? 
It’s really easy as a new entrepreneur to launch an idea, but when it gets hard (or a moth flies in your face) you decide to stop what you're doing and try something new instead. You take it all away - your socials, website, everything, and start again. 
That's a pattern for a lot of people in business who are not clear - stop doing something, start doing something else, repeat, repeat, repeat. And when you get into that pattern, it's hard to get out of it. 
“If your solution for people's problems keeps changing, it's very confusing for someone who wants to be your customer.” Kim White
Keeping your word is not about being committed for your lifetime to the wrong thing. We are allowed to pivot. We all evolve. Just be aware of what pattern is developing in your business. 
The difference is: "I'm determined to figure it out" rather than "I tried that for 3 weeks and it didn't make me a million dollars so I'm out.” 

Question 2: Are you a chaser or a builder?

“There are 2 kinds of people in business: chasers and builders.” Kerry Zarb
Chasers are always looking for that instant hit: filling the bank account, taking holidays, or buying a fancy car.  But after 6 weeks, if they don't see the success, they're out, moving on to something else or stopping altogether. 
Builders love to build a business, create a brand, start a website, and do all those things. But when it's all ready and it’s time to begin business as usual then it's not so much fun anymore.
Neither chasers nor builders are excited about the maintaining part.
Maintaining a business is not as exciting as doing 27 billion things. But being clear on doing one thing well allows you to be the solution for someone. 
Most businesses that are successful do one thing really well and make it work in multiple ways. They don't have multiple things to begin with. 
They can concentrate on one message and when they're able to maintain it, then you can add things. And that is how you set your business up for long-term success. 

Question 3: Are you running 2 miles ahead of the people you are helping?

Doing something new when you haven't set one thing up properly can be really damaging to your confidence and to your business.
Remember the people you are helping. Are you running 2 miles ahead of them with so many different offers that they are getting overwhelmed and you aren’t actually helping anyone?
Pivoting is fine! But you don't want the people watching you to be thinking things like:
"What are they doing now?"
"What happened to..." 
"Weren't they doing this...?"
Because your people are paying attention to what you’re doing and they will feel any sudden shifts in a big way.
“If you need to pivot, pivot. But don't blow off the people who believed in you before by going into a completely different direction where you're not allowing them the space to come with you.” Kim White
If you've brought people in and they are relying on you and then you suddenly go do something else, that is very jolting for someone who is depending on you. 
So keep your community at the front of your mind as you’re growing your business and setting it up for long-term success. 

Question 4: Are you in it for the long haul? 

“I'll only do it when it's easy VS I'm going to do it whatever it takes.” Kim White
A living proof example of being committed for the long haul is GME. The Texas-Australia time difference for our weekly show GME (Good Morning Entrepreneurs) can be a real struggle for our hosts.  
It would be easier to stop doing GME or do it separately in two time zones. Right? Well, it might appear to be easier, and that’s often the problem for new entrepreneurs.
Look for places in your business where you are jumping ship too soon. Do you find yourself abandoning whatever you're doing this week for the newest, latest, greatest idea because it’s new and shiny? Or are you avoiding something because it’s uncomfortable or difficult? 
Entrepreneurs are usually adrenaline junkies so even boredom can make you want to jump ship. 
But take the time to sit in those uncomfortable places and look at the smaller pieces of your business. What can you do? Uplevel socials? Edit (not redo) the website? 
Try to use the moment of apparent boredom as a creative spot and tap into being creative in other ways to fill that void of the lack of excitement.
That’s how you keep your business growing and growing, and set yourself up for long-term success.
Are you leaving people behind that you have committed to?
Are you keeping your word in the daily things that are not so exciting? 
Are you staying consistent so others can stay connected to you? 
When it looks like the ship is going down, is it time to abandon ship? Or is there something you can do to save the boat and everyone on board? 
And if you’re ready to join a community of entrepreneurs who are serious about building a successful business that stands the test of time, join our Groundwork Brigade.
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