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3 Practical Ways To Deal With Social Media Haters For Your Own Personal Growth

cyberbullying negative comments opportunities to grow personal growth social media Mar 18, 2024
Woman listening to negative comments with text: 3 Practical Ways To Deal With Social Media Haters For Your Own Personal Growth
Have you ever had a hater on social media? 
Those nasty “keyboard warriors” - someone who gets online and just spews their venom. And you don't really have anything to do with them, but its all just bubbled up inside of them and you are the unfortunate recipient.
Whether these negative comments come from someone you thought you could trust, or a complete stranger, they can really hurt and they can throw you off track in a big way. 
If you haven't had those moments yet, they will happen.  And the first time is the worst.
“We can't control all the humans in the world.” Kerry Zarb
But it is an opportunity to grow that thicker skin that keeps you from wearing your feelings on your sleeves and getting hurt by those negative comments.
How can you do that? 
Here are 3 practical ways you can stay on track with your personal (and business) growth when these haters get in your path. 

Personal Growth Tip 1: Be Indifferent

“I've packed them into a box and put it away.” Kerry Zarb
In our culture today we think that the opposite to loving someone is hating them.  But the opposite is actually indifference. 
If you can be indifferent to someone saying hurtful things to you it actually shows how mature you are. It shows that you are not going to let that stop you. 
Usually your initial reaction is shock and awe.  
Then it turns into "why" … why would someone be like this? or why would this happen? 
And the third tier is sadness that someone feels like they need to be so hurtful.
And there are a whole lot of other emotions in between. But all those emotions can take you off track in your personal life and in business. It is hard to reign in all those emotions, but remember to see it as an opportunity to grow. 
The best reaction to any negative comments on social media (or anywhere else) is to be indifferent, for your own personal growth and the growth of your business.

Personal Growth Tip 2: Be Encouraged

“It can be encouraging if you can get past your feelings.” Kim White
Sometimes looking too successful brings out that kind of behavior in those keyboard warriors.
There's a lot of times when you are out there in the world and doing something impactful and someone will say something unkind.
If someone does something like that, it usually comes from something in their life. It doesn't really have anything to do with you. 
Someone who is not successful in their business may look at you and be mad at you over it because you've figured out something they haven't yet. They may be jealous of you.
But it's an opportunity for you to grow. Once you are able to get past your feelings, you can actually view the negative comments on social media as compliments, and take it as encouragement to keep doing what you’re doing. 

Personal Growth Tip 3: Be Patient

“We don't have to respond to everything straight away.” Kerry Zarb
The big problem with social media comments, messages and even emails is that they have no tone to them. And if you're having a bad day you can read them wrong and put your own tone in there. 
So take the opportunity to grow - to look at yourself, your mood, and what's going on in your world. 
Take a breath, sleep on it, go back the next morning and re-read something before you respond. It might not have been meant as badly as you originally thought.
And even if it is a hater situation, do you need to react at all? Does it warrant a response? And yes your feelings may be hurt, but taking that moment to not be reactive in the moment can really help you stay on track. 
Taking the time to step back will help you see if there is any truth to that negative comment. You always need to keep checking yourself with the content you send out on social media and other platforms. 
Yes, the comment may have hurt your feelings but you might have needed to hear that. Maybe you are saying something that isn't how you intended it to sound. And in your head it sounded right, but if it's not coming out the right way, you need to check that.
Choosing to be patient is the first step in moving from being reactive to proactive. And that’s a true sign of personal growth, which will only lead to more growth in your business too. 
A lot of people think that age makes you wiser but the truth is that being older just means you have had more opportunities to choose wisdom. (Some older people are just as volatile as when they were younger.)
When you read those negative comments on social media, remember that you have an opportunity to grow through these experiences. To grow that thicker skin so that you aren't wearing your feelings on your sleeves and getting hurt all the time. 
Being indifferent, being encouraged, and being patient is how you commit to your personal growth in spite of the haters. 
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