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The 5 Best Mindset Habits For Successful Business Growth

Aug 21, 2023
Happy Female Entrepreneur with text: The 5 Best Mindset Habits For Successful Business Growth
When it comes to growing your business, there is one very important question to ask yourself regarding your mindset: 
“Is your brain on your side or are you putting roadblocks in your path?”
There are so many obstacles as entrepreneurs, but our minds and brains can create even more speed bumps and hurdles.” - Kerry Zarb
That’s right. Your biggest business growth roadblocks might come from what’s happening inside your head, with thoughts like, “I’m not smart enough to do this,” or “I don’t have enough experience to start a business.”
Mindset describes how you think about things and it’s one of the crucial foundations of building a successful business.
Here are 5 simple mindset habits to get your brain on board with your business growth and cultivate a success mindset in your business. 


Driving 101 and Business 101 share the same valuable mindset principle - When approaching a roadblock, slow down!
But for some reason, a lot of entrepreneurs will do anything except slow down when approaching a business roadblock. 
It seems like the only 2 options for entrepreneurs are to race through the roadblock and cause some major damage OR stop dead still in the middle of the road and freeze up. 
Neither are recommended in driving or business.
Did you know that there is a pattern to your roadblocks? Your brain puts certain thoughts in your way to try to protect you from various things. 
But if you take time to slow down, you can figure out why these thoughts are there. And what does your brain think you need protecting from?
Don’t just let your thoughts rattle around in your head, or worse, pretend they don't exist. Sort through the layers in your brain and process your thoughts as you go along.  
Whether your processing style is verbal or written, take the time to do it.
Slowing down will get your brain on board with the growth and success of your business.


“A lot of people are afraid to fail, and that’s why they don’t start.” - Kim White
The next mindset habit that you need to focus on forming, for your business to grow and succeed, is a very intentional processing of your fears. This will probably happen multiple times on your business growth journey.
Anytime your brain starts with the 'what ifs,' a warning alarm should sound.
Stop. Take a deep breath and address the fears that have set themselves up as roadblocks in your mind. Don't allow your fears to affect the growth and success of your business.
Fear of failure is a big culprit, but the fear of success can creep into your mindset just as easily. 
When you are just starting your business, it’s important to be aware of those fears and the thoughts that accompany them. Combat these fears by slowing down and addressing them, intentionally and immediately. 
The path to a successful business doesn’t involve just pushing your fears aside, but rather, sitting down and having 'coffee' with them. Figure out what your fears are so you can get your brain on board with your successful business.


“We have to put in the miles. We have to put in the effort.” - Kerry Zarb
It’s tempting to think of business success as the quickest way to make a million dollars. But the quickest way is not always the best way. And it’s not how we define success
There are risks you have to take in business, but we don't suggest lottery-type risks, where you're looking to make a million dollars overnight.
Don’t take your hard-earned money and invest in a game or a quick fix, hoping it will change your life. YOU are the one who can change your life. 
You need to take the time to map out the things you want, and then figure out the steps. And yes, you may need to take some calculated risks, but the only way to do those well, is when you slow down (so don’t skip habit #1).
When you’re prepared to put in the hard work, you’re getting your brain on board with your business growth and success.


“When someone believes in you, it’s easier to believe in you too.” - Kim White
What’s one of the worst things for your business growth mindset? 
Scrolling through your social media and being bombarded with those picture perfect businesses.
A lot of that stuff isn’t real. Or it’s only one side of someone's business. 
But when you are in a community, you see all the sides of business growth and success. You can see how business really works. And you can have access to relationships where you can ask questions, get advice, and receive support.
So don’t do business alone.
Being in a community can completely transform the way you see roadblocks. It can transform your everyday mindset and set you up for business success.


Start now. 
If you think you need a whole bunch of things before you start, think again.
Waiting to start will prolong the starting process and may even prevent you from starting at all.  Plus, it will just cause you to spend too much money getting gadgets or “business things” that you really don’t need.
“I’ll start the business when I have a desk.”
“I’ll start the podcast when I have a certain type of microphone.”
In most cases, you don’t actually need to wait for the when.
You can start a business at your kitchen table. And you definitely don’t need all the apps and expensive gadgets. 
But when you’re starting out, you don’t always have the confidence to know that you don’t need all those things, and it’s easy to listen to the voices out there that say you need all those things.
You may be really busy at the moment. You may have a full time job. You might not be in a position to launch an entire new business right now. But at the very least: ALWAYS WRITE YOUR IDEA DOWN.
When those business ideas start brewing, get out a pen and paper. Small steps are still steps. And if you don’t at least start, you aren’t doing your ideas justice. 
Don’t let those whens become mindset roadblocks in your business growth plan.
“What you dare to dream, dare to do.”
A lot of people will dare to dream. They’ll entertain the thought and the dream, but they will never take any steps towards it. They will spend their lives thinking about that dream.
It’s when you start taking the steps that you can begin figuring out if you really do want that dream.
When you are starting something that you’ve never done before, it’s normal to not be super confident. But you can learn new things if you get your brain on board with your business growth. 
And remember, the good news is that you have control over a lot of the things that pop up as mindset roadblocks in your business.
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