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5 Reasons Why Taking Your Pet to Work Can Benefit Both You and Your Business

Jul 05, 2021

5 Reasons Why Taking Your Pet to Work Can Benefit Both You and Your Business

Why do most people become entrepreneurs? Because they want to be able to do the things they want, with whomever they want to. They don’t want someone breathing over their shoulder dictating what they can and can’t do with their day or their time. 
If you’re an entrepreneur, then you are probably nodding your head as you read this. Maybe you’re not an entrepreneur, but you’re also nodding your head. 
For a lot of entrepreneurs, the perk of building a sexy business is to be able to spend more time with your pets! If that is your dream, then you are definitely on your way to creating a sexy life because there are some serious perks to having your pets at work with you. 
Studies have shown that between 75 and 95% of employees who take their pet to work feel that their work-life improves when it comes to relationships, work-life balance, morale and work hours. 
Here are the top 5 reasons why taking your dog to work can benefit both you and your business: 

 1. Pets Reduce Stress

Bringing your dog to work is a guaranteed way to reduce the stress levels in your business, not just for yourself but for the whole team. Have you ever noticed that stroking, hugging and interacting with a dog can calm you down immediately when you are feeling stressed and anxious? Try it next time your stress levels start creeping up. 
A dog can also naturally diffuse negative tensions in your business. That is definitely a win when it comes to deadlines, busy schedules and those frustrating moments.  
Life is too short to spend the majority of your day at the office, stressing and being anxious. Bring a little of your home to work and leave the stress behind. 

2. Pets Increase Your Productivity

Pets just make a 9 to 5 fly by, while still allowing tons of productive, enjoyable and relaxing work to be done. 
We all know by now that rest is important for productivity. Nobody can keep going like a speed train all day at work.  Research actually shows that mental and physical breaks at frequent intervals actually increase your productivity
So when your pet starts asking for some playtime or a quick stroll outside, don’t see it as a distraction to the deadline. See it as a reminder to take a rest, so you can come back refreshed and ready to work more productively.

3. Pets Make You More Active

Having your pet at work forces you to get up and move your body and get your creative juices flowing.
It’s way too easy to sit working at a desk all day. And then to crash on the couch with movies and snacks after a long hard day. But your pet keeps you moving - playing, chasing, cuddling, walking, maybe even some running? 
And according to the Centers for Disease Control, a sedentary lifestyle is bad for health and productivity - pets can help reduce cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood pressure in their owners.  So spending some time away from your screen or your desk, being active with your pet, is one of the best things you can do for your sexy business and sexy life. 

4. Pets Make You More Real and Relatable in Business

You are strong. You are independent. You are a hard-working business entrepreneur BUT you are also human and there is no one better to convey that to your clients than through your adorable pet. 
You don’t have to choose between being hardcore in your business and being relatable to your clients. And including your pets in your business makes this so much easier! 
Your interactions with your pet will show a softer, more relatable side of you to your clients. It shows them that you are multi-dimensional and that will help them relate to you, especially if you are hardcore in your business, and want to to do your business well.  

5. Pets Help to Increase Your Overall Job Satisfaction 

A pet-friendly workspace creates a happy environment, with less stress and more fun.  A place where your employees and clients can stress a little less and play a little more is important for a clear mind and a happy heart. 
And when you get this balance right, a sexy business and a sexy life are guaranteed. 
Working with your pets is sexy and good for your business in so many ways. So
take down the ‘No pets allowed’ sign at your office and create a sexy, beautiful business today. 
Just remember, that if you have decided to include your pets in your business, make sure you have a plan going forward. A plan that is clear about how and why pets are in your business. Make it part of your business’ flavor. Make it sexy and make it real. 
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