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How To Sustain Unstoppable Momentum in Your Sexy Business

Jan 11, 2021

How To Sustain Unstoppable Momentum in Your Sexy Business 

Did you know that one of the defining characteristics of a Sexy Business is sustainable momentum
Momentum is that magical groove you get into as an entrepreneur when you feel unstoppable. Your business is expanding. Visions are becoming reality. Your clients love you and are referring more work to you. Your calendar (and bank account) are filling up. And your dreams for your sexy business are coming true… but usually at one big cost: the cost of your sexy life! 
This cost is the major danger that unsustainable momentum brings! 
We try to build a sexy business for a sexy life. But when momentum pushes us to work at full throttle, non-stop there is no way to be living a sexy life. It’s also a terrible sign for our business in the long run, because we begin a downward spiral of productivity and ultimately our momentum can’t keep up and even our sexy business will plateau or worse, come to a dead-end.
We are dealing with the 100 crucial business principles for building a sexy business for a sexy life! And this principle of sustainable momentum is one of the hardest to get right.

The secret to sustaining unstoppable momentum  

As an entrepreneur, you need to slow down to speed up. Momentum that is SUSTAINABLE is the only way to build a sexy business FOR a sexy life. 
Does this seem like ridiculous advice? At face value, it doesn’t make sense. And it’s how all our brains are wired by default. “How can I slow down when I need to be moving faster?”

WHY you NEED to slow down

This is what happens when entrepreneurs don’t slow down: Pressure & Chaos!
The more successful your sexy business becomes, the busier you get! To keep up with the demand, you work faster. Your brain is full to capacity and there is no more room for all those creative processes and relational aspects that probably made your business sexy in the first place. To keep momentum going, you rely more and more on the Check-List! 
Then we end up serving the Check-List rather than allowing it to serve us. Let me tell you what I mean. The Check-List is SUPPOSED to help us achieve our business goals by keeping us organized and prioritized. BUT because we are functioning at full capacity, everything we do is dictated by our checklist and there is no time for anything else. 
The check list doesn’t include EVERYTHING you need to do to have a successful business… things like
Getting feedback
But it becomes EVERYTHING you do… and your sexy business suffers.
The solution is to SLOW DOWN.
Take a moment to imagine you had to do everything in your day with a 100 pound backpack on your back. Your day will be 100 times tougher. And it doesn’t need to be. Life is tough enough. 
How much quicker would it be to stop for a moment and unpack what you don’t need from the backpack. You’ve slowed down momentarily, and with intentionality, but you’ve created the perfect opportunity to speed up right afterward and continue with sustained unstoppable momentum! 

HOW you can PRACTICALLY slow down

Slowing Down can mean a whole bunch of things. But in essence, it’s dealing with the thing that feels like it’s a black cloud following you. It’s stopping to intentionally focus on something that will get you back on track with sustainable momentum to keep growing your sexy business, and creating your sexy life.
Slow Down by finishing a project so that it’s off your plate and you can focus on the big picture or the next step.
Slow Down by organizing your finances so you are prepared for the next big growth spurt in your sexy business.
Slow Down by delegating (even though in the beginning it may seem like it takes MORE time than what it’s worth!). And slow down enough to delegate the right things and in the right way.
Slow Down by paying attention to a process or system that will allow you to delegate.
Slow Down by getting some rest to get you back to working at full capacity. Whether it’s a 15 minute nap or a full day off, it will give you clarity and a fresh new perspective to solving problems that have been bothering you all day. (Don’t listen to people who talk badly about taking naps! Especially when you notice you have been making simple mistakes and forgetting important things.)
Slow Down by reworking your To-Do List. Have a TODAY LIST for the most important daily tasks and a RUNNING LIST for everything else. Anytime you finish the tasks for TODAY, you can pull the next item on the RUNNING List. The pressure is off! 
Slow Down by setting aside a day or a time frame (even an hour) to go on airplane mode and just focus on the thing that feels like your “black cloud” on your sexy business.
And whatever it is you need to do to sustain momentum in your sexy business, slowing down will allow you to SPEED UP. You will look up and realize that you are so much further along than you ever thought you would be if you’d continued with your initial frantic pace. And not only will you speed up, but you will notice that this new momentum is sustainable and unstoppable.


It is crucial for your sexy business that you don’t put pressure on yourself that’s unnecessary. Don’t create chaos for yourself that stops you from thinking clearly and productively. 
Prepare for what’s coming and what you hope will happen. Don’t wait until it happens and then get into a panic. If you are looking for a structured and in-depth approach to building sustainability in your business, then visit our website to get the details of our Mastermind Course
I challenge you to ask yourself: What do you need to slow down in? Think about it. Write it down and tell somebody. Be accountable and get working at it. And just watch and see how you speed up with sustainable momentum, so you can build a sexy business for a sexy life!