The Art of Collaboration Mastermind 2022

Exclusive mastermind led by Kim White & THE ENTIRE My Sexy Business Team


TOGETHER, we will gain clarity by mapping out exactly what you want from your business, even if you haven’t started it yet.  

This includes:

  • “Sticky Note Time” Process for Clarity (an effective tool for everyone who uses it; it’s the exact process Kim used to create My Sexy Business, My Sexy Business Team, My Sexy Business Magazine and so many other things)
  • Individual Mapping for aligned purpose & traction (this part of the process is not generic, it is for you, your business & your goals specifically)
  • Individual Strategy Session (2 hours with Kim, quarterly) 

TOGETHER, we will stay accountable so no one feels stuck. 

This includes:

  • Bi-weekly check-ins with a member of the MSB Team (15-30 minute calls/zoom to build momentum and keep moving forward)
  • Private Facebook Group for relationship building, encouragement & support (Kim, MSB Team members, other masterminders all in one confidential place)
  • Monthly Group Hot Seats/Brainstorming Session (group zoom for feedback in a safe place to practice and improve your desirability to clients/customers) 
TOGETHER, we will create amazing projects to propel you forward.

This includes:

  • Group projects aligned with your goals (these projects can include Kim, MSB Team members & other masterminders; these projects will benefit your business specifically and may include things like: podcasts, books, blogs, freemiums, websites, digital products, etc)
  • Monthly Guest Masterclass (the how to get the project done)

TOGETHER, we will design online events to show off your projects and promote YOU.

This includes:

  • The opportunity to see behind-the-scenes of an online event
  • The opportunity to learn the whole process of hosting/creating an online event

TOGETHER, we will learn how to do a collaboration (or a few) in a sexy way.

This includes:

  • Art of Collaboration process and step-by-step framework (the right collaboration can exponentially increase your business, influence & income) 

TOGETHER, we will impact the world by starting with our own selves.

This includes:

  • Learning how to set your day, week, & month up for stress-less, productive time
  • Learning the “Doing It YOUR Way” Secret Sauce (getting off the course junkie/expert overwhelm train wreck that keeps you stuck)

Doing business TOGETHER is sexy!!!

Breakdown of things included:

  1. Sticky Note Time Process (Jan, Apr, July, Oct; All Year Access)
  2. Individual Mapping (Quarterly)
  3. Strategy Sessions (Quarterly)
  4. Check-ins with Team (Bi-weekly)
  5. Private Group Access (Daily)
  6. Group Feedback (Monthly)
  7. Group Projects (Quarterly)
  8. Guest Masterclass (Monthly)
  9. Behind-the-Scenes Event Planning/Executing (3+ Opportunities)
  10.  Create/Host/Co-Host Your Own Event (At least once)


  1. Collaboration Class Group Training (Up to 3 times)
  2. Featured Speaker Collaboration Summit
  3. 2 Hours/Month VA Services (Including help on what to delegate first)
  4. Credentials Crash Course
  5. Influencer Negotiating 

$24,995. An investment in your life and business. Schedule a call today and let’s see how we can help you create the business and life YOU want!

Ready to take the next step to building a Sexy Business and Life?

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My Sexy Business Academy is included in the Art of Collaboration Mastermind


“Collaboration 101”
“Simple Sells”
“Four Cycles of Business”
“How to Turn Your Book into a Business”
“Where Do I Start?”
“Meta Mindset”
“Collaboration vs Competition”
“Making Custom Recipes for Your Business”
“Evergreen Life”
“Launches, Cycles, & Events”
“Campaigns, Joint Ventures & Endorsements”
“Team vs Partners”
“Building Momentum”
“Creating a List through Email & Text”
“Branding & Logos”
“Goal Accomplishing”
“How to Create a Social Media Frenzy”
“Store Fronts”
and many others included in the courses

"In the My Sexy Business Mastermind, I went from dreaming about writing a book to creating an entire business. On my own, I dreamed about the one book for way too long. With Kim's help, I wrote that book, planned the entire series and started doing devotional videos. In my second year of working with Kim, I developed my first writing course, which was something I never even thought of doing. That opened the door to mind-blowing clarity for me. I love what I'm doing now!"


-Kristi Bridges


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