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Want to start making juicy business offers? Watch this space.

May 03, 2021

Want to start making juicy business offers? Watch this space.

If your products and services are not flying off the shelf (physically or metaphorically) then you need to ask yourself this crucial question: Are you making business offers that are juicy? 
Are your business offers attractive and irresistible? 
Does what you are offering leave your clients wanting more of you?
A juicy offer isn’t one that necessarily appeals to everyone but it is appealing and attractive to your audience
And the good news is that providing juicy offers is not complicated. You don’t need a Marketing Degree or 10 years experience in Sales (In fact, it’s better if you don’t!) We’re going to work through 3 Simple Juicy Steps to bring your Juicy Rating up to 5 stars! 

Do Your Clients See Juicy When They Look at You?

So here is the Juicy Test Step 1. Put yourself in the shoes of your dream clients. You (the dream client) pick up an offer from you (the sexy business). Is it attractive? Is it irresistible? What do you think about doing business with you
When an offer is juicy, not only are you in love with the offer but so are your clients and everyone you do business with. They cannot wait to buy what you are offering. They cannot wait to pay you for your service because they are excited about how juicy your offer is. They don’t want to miss out on anything that you are offering. 

Do You Feel Juicy?

Juicy Step 2 is all about getting in touch with your emotions - which may seem strange in a marketing strategy. But do not skip this step. It is crucial to being Juicy.
When you get ready to pitch your offer, how do you feel about it? Do you feel confident and excited? Or do you honestly feel a little insecure? If you were the one being offered your product or service, would it be a juicy offer? 

Juicy Offer VS Creepy Offer?

On the other end of the conversation, think about how your client would feel. A juicy offer is the opposite of a creepy offer. Creepy Marketing sounds like this, “Hi, my name is (fill in the blank) and I want you to buy my product.” 
That is not good marketing. That is not a good plan. That is plain creepy. Because your client is thinking: “You don’t know me.  You are telling me straight up about what I need even though you don’t really know what I need.  You’re only talking to me because you have something to sell me.” 

The #1 Characteristic of a Juicy Offer

There is one magical word that has the power to transform your offer into a juicy one: Serving. This is Juicy Step 3 - work the principle of Serving into your offer. 
What if you got to know someone before you asked them to invest in your service? What if you helped them with something that was a pain point in their life? 
What if your product solved the problem they were in? 
What if your service was the very thing they needed to change their business? 
That is serving. Serving over selling is sexy in business. Serving means that you show your customers that they matter. And they matter to you because of who they are, and not because they are going to give you money.
You can still sell. Selling is a sexy thing, especially when you’re in business and want to stay in business. I'm a huge proponent of selling - but in the right way. Don’t do it in a way where your customers feel like they are just another paycheck to you. 

What Does Juicy Smell Like?

Did you know that confidence has a smell to it? If you are confident about what you are offering and you are serving well with it, that smells sexy. That sexy smell spreads to others and creates a feeling of trust and confidence in you and in your product.  This is the foundation of building a sexy business and a sexy life.
Your customers can smell if you are trustworthy. They can smell sexy in the same way that they can smell not-so-sexy. And they’ll be able to tell if you are insecure or unsure about what you are selling.  If you wouldn’t buy your offer, don’t be creepy and try to sell it to them. 
Make sure your offers are juicy. And make sure your dream clients feel like they matter. Make sure they don’t just feel like a paycheck. 
This is not a step to skip over. Put the time and effort into refining your offer. Put thought into your products and services. Put your client at the center and figure out how you can serve them with an offer so juicy they will be chasing you down the street for it! 
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