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Is YOUR Marketing Creepy?

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2021

How to Avoid Creepy Marketing in your Business

Me? A creepy marketer? No way! 
I think we have all heard the creepy marketing that some people do. Some people call it sleazy but I call it CREEPY. The problem is that we have all been exposed to a lot of creepy marketing in our lives. And it’s only natural to repeat what has been modeled to us. It’s possible that you may be doing creepy marketing without meaning to. And without realizing it. 

Here is the unfortunate truth: if strangers are running after you with money, your marketing is on point. BUT if you are like most businesses, asking someone you don’t know anything about, to spend their money on your product or service, you are being a stalker. 

Think about Marriage. If the first time you met someone, they asked you to get married. They weren’t flirting or teasing. They were genuinely asking you to make a lifelong commitment and everything that goes with it. You would not fall head over heels. You would think “That’s plain creepy.”

If you’d never been on a date. If you’d never spent any time getting to know each other. It would be bizarre to expect such a commitment. Sure, they might know a lot about you. They might like you or even love you. But isn’t that the definition of a stalker? 

We don’t want to be stalkers. It’s creepy. And it’s also not going to achieve your goals, it will probably do the opposite and push the love of your life away.

That’s what cold creepy marketing is like. That’s what it looks like. That’s what it feels like on the receiving end. And that’s the kind of result you can expect.

So, do you want to change that creepy marketing into sexy marketing? Then you need to shift from stalking your audience to leading them. Lead them where you want them to go. I don’t mean in a creepy way but in a sexy way. 

The crucial question you need to ask yourself as you plan your marketing strategy is this: How can you serve your audience in such a way that they would be interested in taking the next step with you? You want them to want to include you or your product or your service in their business and life.

Serving instead of stalking is a sexy business principle. 

Let’s go back to the marriage illustration.

What’s a common characteristic of successful relationships? Steps. Nobody jumps from “Nice to meet you” straight to “Til death do us part” or “What should we do for our 50th wedding anniversary!” 

There are steps in any relationship. Steps are sexy. Steps prevent both people from becoming overwhelmed. Steps allow both people to feel comfortable and experience growing love and joy. 

When you want someone to go on a date with you, you serve them by giving gifts, like flowers or chocolate. You serve them by listening to what’s important to them. You serve them by engaging with their struggles. You serve them by joining them on their journey. And as you feel more comfortable, you trust each other more. The relationship blossoms and flourishes. There is trust, respect and both people benefit from the interaction. 

Ask yourself these 3 questions honestly: 

  1. Am I doing those sexy things with the people I meet and want to do business with? 
  2. Are there steps in my strategy? 
  3. Do my steps serve my audience?

Potential clients usually run from abrasive, scary, creepy marketing. Why? Because they don’t know you. They don’t know if they want to spend time (let alone, the rest of their lives) with you. 

Take it down a few notches and woo your clients. Woo them by serving them, and by showing them that they matter to you. Woo them the same way you would woo someone that you would want to marry: Genuinely and relationally.

Think about it. How would you get them to go out on a date with you? What can you give them in your business to show them that kind of sexy attention? Give them some sexy gifts so that they want to come back for more. 

And when the time comes to launch an offer, they won’t think you are creepy. They will trust you. They’ll know you are genuine. There will be a relationship. And that is sexy.  And sexy marketing results in good sales. 

Nobody needs to fall into the trap of creepy marketing anymore. Be real. Be you. Be kind. Be encouraging. It’s actually really easy to not be creepy. It’s easy, but it takes thoughtfulness, effort, and intentionality.

There are times we all need some guidance on making our businesses more sexy. But who do you listen to?

If you want to learn how to do sexy marketing, for a sexy business and a sexy life, then you must choose the right mentors and teachers. Our Mastermind Course, Group Coaching and One-on-One Coaching are all geared to make building a sexy business as practical as possible. 

The My Sexy Business Team would love to join you on your journey, especially if you want to shift directions in your marketing from creepy to sexy. 


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