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How to Grow Your Business From Busyness to Brilliance

Aug 23, 2021

How to Grow Your Business From Busyness to Brilliance

It's 5 am, you jump out of bed as soon as the alarm sounds, get dressed, grab some breakfast, and head to work. Busy Busy Busy. Your day quickly fills up with appointments for your business and suddenly you’re going 90 miles an hour, without taking a moment to pause. You get home late only to crash and repeat it all the following day. 
Sounds exhausting, doesn't it? The sad reality is that our days (and our businesses in general) can be described in that one word: busy. We don’t have time in our day to dream. We don't have space in our busy schedules to sit, play, think and be creative. We never have the chance to implement our new ideas, or maybe we don’t even have the chance to think of them in the first place. 
Being in a Go-Go-Go cycle is the most dangerous place if you want your business to grow because your ideas can’t be nurtured. Your business might be moving (and probably at a crazy pace) but it definitely can’t grow.

The Solution: Finding Your Sweet Spot

Have you heard of the term “Bathtub Brilliance?”
Bathtub Brilliance is the spot where you are allowed to dream and think about things. You come up with great ideas for your business. You start thinking about plans and possibilities. 
The easiest example is in the bathtub (and that’s where the name comes from), but everybody’s sweet spot looks different. Your sweet spot might be having coffee at sunrise on the back deck or in a beautiful garden watching the bees and listening to the birds. 
Wherever it is, This time should be spent in a place that makes you happy and that allows you to be creative, dream, and imagine.

Prioritize That Sweet Spot Time

Wherever your Sweet Spot is, it is not enough to do it once in a while. 
Here is a helpful challenge: Create calendar space for that sweet spot. Prioritize that time for your brain to think about and nurture the brilliant ideas you have for your business. 
If it can be daily, then that is wonderful. If you can only schedule it when your calendar allows, that’s OK. The key is being intentional about it and really valuing that time for the growth it can bring to your business. 
Sweet spot time gives you a few moments in your day to be free of stress and to reflect and plan and imagine. It’s a chance to escape the hectic 9 to 5 and to burst into a bubble where YOU can allow YOUR creativity to have free range. This time can only make you happier, healthier, and more relaxed, which, in the long run, will make you more productive. 
So, make a pact with yourself and make your sweet spot time a non-negotiable.

Sweet Spot’s Enemy #1 

The biggest barrier to Bathtub Brilliance is Busyness.
There are so many moments of brilliance that you are missing out on because you are simply just too busy. 
You are brilliant. You have the potential to be even more brilliant. There are so many brilliant thoughts and ideas in that brain of yours. 
But you have to allow them to develop and grow by giving yourself time. Your ideas and your dreams matter and if you don’t slow down you are never going to give yourself and your dreams the chance to grow and materialize. 
You can only be brilliant if you allow yourself time: Sweet spot time. 
So start making sweet spot time a priority in your life and your business. And watch how your productivity increases. Watch how your creativity levels burst and your business really grows.
And honestly, if taking some time to slow down seems too stressful for you to even consider, then catch up with our blog post: Slow Down to Speed Up on why SLOWING DOWN can actually be the key to building unstoppable momentum in your sexy business. 
Become addicted to that Sweet Spot time. Become addicted to being “Bathtub Brilliant” so you can have great ideas and let your dreams move towards happening in real life.