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How to Get Your Business Off The Struggle Bus and Onto The Sexy Bus

Jun 21, 2021
Did you buy a lifetime pass for the struggle bus?

How to Get Your Business Off The Struggle Bus and Onto The Sexy Bus

Let’s get honest. Do you find yourself struggling in your business? Struggling to get the work done? Barely making it through each day? Collapsing in a heap of relief each night as your head hits the pillow at night and you realize the day is over? 
If this describes your current business (and life) - struggle, struggle and some more struggle - then you might be on the Struggle Bus! 

Is Your Struggle Bus Ticket a LifeTime Pass?

If you’re naturally a positive, motivated person you might tell yourself that “some seasons are just harder than others, and this one will soon come to an end.” That definitely helps you to get up and start the struggle all over again the next day. 
And if you’re naturally quite logical, you might try to analyse the current struggle and pinpoint it to a specific client, pain point, challenging coworker, or unexpected life circumstance. And then figure out how to resolve it. Job done! Right? Maybe not...
You might need to dig a little deeper. Is this really just a current struggle? Is this really just a difficult season that you know will come to an end? Or has STRUGGLE been a continuous theme in your business and life, just with different names over the months and years?
Maybe you know you’re on the Struggle Bus, you think you’ll be able to jump off the struggle bus at the next stop. Until you check your ticket and realise that you’ve got a lifetime pass! 

Do you give “struggle” too much credit?

Nobody boards the struggle bus intentionally right? Who wants struggle, struggle and more struggle in their business and life? If you’ve realized you’re holding a lifetime pass to the Struggle Bus, the next question in your mind is probably, “How did I even get on the Struggle Bus in the first place?”  
Buying a lifetime pass to the Struggle Bus is easier than it looks. We decide to board it, anytime we make something harder than it has to be.
It simply takes BELIEVING.
Believing that things have to be HARD. 
Believing that making money has to be HARD.
Believing that to make a success out of anything it has to be HARD.
Believing that the STRUGGLE is what guarantees SUCCESS.

How Did You Get On The Struggle Bus?

One of the ways in which we fall victim to purchasing a ticket on the struggle pass is something called ‘expert overwhelm’. 
Expert advice is good. But, the problem arises when we listen to too many voices. We want to learn fast so that we can move our business forward. But it’s easy to get caught up in moving forward quickly, rather than moving forward in a sexy way. 
When you listen to too many voices, you’ll start to notice the experts are not always in agreement on how to do something. Their strategies might be completely contradictory which is overwhelming psychologically, but also physically if you try to implement all their strategies. 
Soon your head is spinning around and around and around and you have no control over your life and your business. You’re listening to too many voices. 
You struggle trying to keep going so fast.
You struggle as you try to chase down contradictory paths for your business.
You struggle as you keep taking on more wise business strategies.
The struggle becomes the norm. Choosing the struggle becomes your lifestyle. And it’s a slippery slope to embracing the attitude that “Struggle is the true path to Success.” 
But that’s a lie. 

The Struggle Bus vs The Sexy Bus

Struggling is not sexy. So what do you do? How do you skip the lifetime pass to the struggle bus and grab the ticket to the sexy bus instead?
This is the secret to getting on the sexy bus, building a sexy business and creating a sexy life.
Stop believing that success depends on struggle. 
Stop believing that anything meaningful has to be hard. 
It’s important to know that sometimes the LESS we do, the MORE we make.
And we have to believe that we can have SUCCESS without having to face STRUGGLES. 
So ask yourself, “What’s really keeping me on the struggle bus?” Are you struggling along thinking that the struggle is what guarantees success? 
Isn’t it time to get off the Struggle Bus? And even more than that, isn’t it time to get a REFUND on that lifetime pass?

Get Your Lifetime Pass to The Sexy Bus

Your Lifetime pass to the Sexy Bus is not expensive! It just requires you to start considering the voices you listen to. Your internal voice and the voices of the people you choose to listen to. 
Stop listening to the “experts” and find your tribe. 
Find people who are aligned with your sexy business goals. Find people who have done what you are wanting to do and have already learned what you are, wanting to learn.  Surround yourself with like-minded people who have the answers you are looking for and who have walked the path that you are looking to walk. 
And then pay attention to your internal voice. If the thing that keeps you on the Struggle Bus is Believing Success is determined by Struggle. Then the key word is Belief. Get your mindset right. 
Stop and think, “Am I choosing the hard way because I believe in the power of struggle?”
“Is there an easier way to do this?” 
It’s not about taking the easy way out, being lazy, or taking shortcuts. It’s about not believing in doing things the hard way 
The Struggle Bus sure is a ton of struggling. And nobody wants to spend their whole life struggling! It definitely doesn’t fit with the goal of building a sexy business for a sexy life. 
And who wants a lifetime pass to that kind of bus when you can board a sexy, beautiful bus and have a sexy beautiful life? 
If you know you need to join a tribe that is on the Sexy Bus and wants to help keep you on the Sexy Bus for life, consider joining ours. The My Sexy Business Team is here for anyone wanting to get their sexy business and sexy life onto cruise control! 
Our Mastermind Classes serve that exact purpose. Bringing together like-minded entrepreneurs who want to get their businesses on the Sexy Bus, learn and grow together, keep each other accountable, and enjoy creating a sexy life for themselves!