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Best Test for Entrepreneurs - Are You Really Committed?

Feb 15, 2021

Best Test for Entrepreneurs - Are You Really Committed?

If you are an entrepreneur building a sexy business, you have to take the commitment test soon as possible. And it is crucial to answer 100% honestly. But be prepared, it may be difficult if deep down you know it’s not going to be an answer you’ll like. 

I am an entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of the My Sexy Business Team. I’ve had an ugly business in the past, and a sexy business now, and I still have to take this test myself, and get totally honest. 

This is NOT a one-time test. I have had to ask this question over and over and over again as I’ve built my sexy business. And I want to help you be as real as possible because what is at stake is the success of your sexy business, and ultimately, your sexy life. 

We are working through the 100 principles that will lay the proper foundations for you to create a sexy business for a sexy life. And this commitment test is crucial because the answer has roots that go deep down inside of you, but it branches out to affect every area of your life and business. 

So are you ready to get real? 

The big question

Are you playing or are you committed?

Obviously, nobody is going to just raise their hand and say, “I’m playing!” No. As entrepreneurs, we are serious about our businesses. We want them to succeed and we want to do our best. We would all answer, “I’m committed!”

But ...wait… Remember, we have to be completely honest so let’s dig a little deeper.
Have you been “playing” without realizing it? 

How do I know? (Checking your commitment)

The biggest sign that you are NOT committed is that you aren’t achieving your goals. The problem with this sign is that it comes too late down the road. You don’t want to be hitting roadblocks and dead ends before you figure out that you’re on the wrong track.

Wherever you are on your journey to building a sexy business, check yourself right now and challenge yourself to take this Simple Test:

Convicted for being committed

Imagine you were on trial for “Taking Your Business Seriously.”  

You’re sitting in the courtroom listening to the lawyers presenting evidence from all aspects of your life including your daily time schedule, bank transactions, work ethic, conversations, and your general life habits. 

  • Would it be obvious that building your sexy business for your sexy life is important to you. 
  • Would there be enough evidence that you’re moving in the right direction? 
  • Would you be convicted of taking your business seriously?

(And remember - to be found guilty, a jury has to be convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt!)

The Commitment Test Results

Were you 100% honest? Then, let’s ask the question again:

Are you committed or are you playing?

Are you really taking your business seriously? 
Have you been treating your business as a hobby?

It’s a good sign if you think there is room for improvement. There are so many different reasons why entrepreneurs could slip into “playing” mode in business.

Maybe you haven’t been honest with yourself.
Maybe you‘ve just been so busy that you haven’t been paying attention.
Maybe you didn’t realize you were playing around. 

It’s easy to PRETEND to be COMMITTED. 

And It’s easy to fool other people, which is often our measure of where we fall on the “playing vs committed” scale. But what does fooling others achieve? What does fooling yourself achieve? Nothing! 

Whatever your reasons were for playing around, the reality is that even though you may have set really amazing goals for your sexy business, you will not achieve them. 

So how do I get committed?

If we are all honest, there are always ways to get more committed and take our businesses more seriously. So take some time to pause and lay better foundations for your sexy business. 

Start by reminding yourself of what is important to you. Make sure you are firm and clear about your priorities. Write them down. 

Next, check to see if your real-life practices are lining up with those priorities. (Be honest)


  • daily time schedule
  • bank transactions
  • work ethic 
  • conversations
  • general life habits


Finally, make some changes. Commit to them. Write them down and start living out your priorities as everyday practices.

Remember that your priorities are not someone else’s priorities. So your life and your business habits may look different too. 

Don’t be tempted to just do what everyone else is doing. Don’t get caught up in things that are more fun or easy but that don’t line up with your priorities. 

[Being committed to your business DOES NOT MEAN you’re not having fun. It’s not about being boring or traditional, in fact it’s the opposite! It’s about being true to you, and making sure your practices line up with your priorities.]

Committed in Business and Committed in Life

And this test - the Commitment Challenge - could be applied to any area of life where you have set goals for yourself.

  • Are you committed to GOD or do you only give Him the last 10 minutes of the day?
  • Are you committed to EXERCISE or are you always finding an excuse?
  • Are you committed to your FAMILY or do you only play with your kids after they beg you 50 times?
  • Are you committed to EATING HEALTHY or are you counting down the seconds until nobody is watching so you can sneak out and get a pizza or a candy bar.


As entrepreneurs, we have to ask ourselves this question regularly. And we have to answer honestly.  And if you realize you are playing, be honest about it. And figure out what you can do to make a change. If you need some guidance, then check out our MasterMind Course.

It’s easy to believe you are committed when you’re actually just playing. But what happens when you look at your lifestyle and the choices you make with regard to these things? Your actions will reveal your priorities. Where does the evidence point to? Could you be convicted of being committed to creating a sexy business for a sexy life?