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Top 6 Leadership Practices for a Successful Business

Aug 09, 2021

Top 6 Leadership Practices for a Successful Business

Have you ever looked at a project in your business and realized that it’s moving in a different direction to what you wanted (and not in a good way)? You realize that you are not in control. And someone or something else is steering your business. 

When you’re the boss, you’re the leader. You steer your business in the direction you want it to go. But it’s easy to get pushed out of the boss’s seat when you don’t have your pulse on your business and your team. 
Here are our 6 sexy business principles for successful leaders. For bosses who want to steer their teams and businesses in the right direction. For bosses who want to stay in the Leaders Seat, and not be steered by someone or something else. 

Know and Love Your Team

Know the members of your team inside and outside the office. Get to know them professionally and know them personally. To know them in this intimate way, you need to spend some good quality time with them. Arrange uninterrupted one-on-one meetings with the members of your team. Allow them to speak and voice their concerns, Listen and be open to change.   
Know your team member's strengths and weaknesses so that you know where to place them in your business and where they best would thrive and succeed.  
Have their best interests at heart. Find out what they love and what they are good at and harness those talents in your business. Look out for them and they will look out for your business.  Here are some more sexy secrets to build trust in your team.

Think Like an Employee, Act Like a Boss. 

What do all humans have in common? We all want to be loved, appreciated and acknowledged. Your team is no different. So what are you waiting for? Be your team’s biggest cheerleader. Help them succeed and grow in your business and don’t forget to reward their hard work. 
Sales and marketing expert Jerry Acuff gives the following advice: “Fall in love with your people. You have been entrusted with one of the most important responsibilities in life—helping someone else succeed.” 

Be an Inspiration. 

It’s easy to be a boss and boss others around but to be a leader takes real skill and determination. 
To lead in a way that inspires others is a real gift and talent.
But how can you inspire others if you are not inspired? Lead by example and start by getting some inspiration for yourself. 
Start loving what you do and always strive to do better. Instill this same passion and drive in your team and you will have a business filled with happy, hard-working people.

Always be the “Fix-it Guy” 

Don’t be the kind of leader that passes the blame when something goes wrong. Take responsibility. Know what is going on in every area of your business and be willing to learn from your mistakes. 
Linda Harris-Cosby gives this practical advice for leaders: “Communication, and providing clear instructions, can nip lots of problems in the bud. For everything else, be the boss that fixes the problem, rather than the one that fixes blame on someone else.”

Take your rightful position as the leader of your business and OWN it. 

There is a reason you are the leader of your business. You have worked hard and you have earned it. The position of leader is rightfully yours and it’s important that the people you work with know and respect that. 
Ensure that you choose a team that is supportive and encouraging of you as their leader. Don’t allow anyone to undermine your position or take you for granted. Know what is going on in all areas of your business so that you can be accountable for all that is going on. 

Be a Strength Spotter

Be the kind of leader that notices and points out the strengths in their employees. This does not mean that you never notice and acknowledge weaknesses - that has its place. It means you should consciously focus on the strengths of your team and encourage those strengths to greater heights.  
Executive career coach Natalie Currie recommends strength-spotting. She says: “This is a simple, easy, highly effective way to bring out the best in your staff. There is a wealth of social science evidence to show that we grow most in our areas of strengths
Catch your people when they are doing something good, and the more specific and timely the praise the better. It only takes a few seconds to acknowledge when someone does something good. Practice this daily, and you will reap significant benefits in team engagement and productivity,” 
So if you’ve realized that you don't want to be a bossy boss but a sexy leader instead? Then, remember:
Get to know your employees on a personal and professional level
Fall in love with your team and help them be the best versions of themselves
Inspire! Inspire! Inspire!
Take one for the team. 
Own your position as leader of the team
Be a strength spotter and not a weakness spotter 
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