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5 Ways to Avoid Self-Importance to Help Your Business Grow and Succeed

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Woman with crown on her head sitting at a desk pointing at herself with text 5 Ways to Avoid Self-Importance to Help Your Business Grow and Succeed

5 Ways to Avoid Self-Importance to Help Your Business Grow and Succeed

Who’s the most important person in your business? 
The answer might seem obvious.
Yes, you are the one building the business, taking risks, investing your money and sacrificing your time to make it grow, but take a moment to think about who your business would not survive without.
Your clients.
It’s so easy to think of yourself as the most important person in your business, but that’s how you build an ugly business, not a sexy business. 
If you’re not quite sure what self-importance is and how it can dangerously hide away in your business and negatively affect the growth and success of it, Read our latest blog, “The 3 Hidden Dangers of Self-Importance for a Growing Business”.
Now let’s get practical. Here are 5 ways to avoid self-importance so that your business can grow and succeed:  

 1. Start with kindness

Kindness is universal and a great way to show colleagues and clients that they matter to you. 
To grow a successful business you need to develop long-lasting relationships. And what better way to do this than to be kind? 
Kindness can come in many forms. Whether it’s a quick check-in, a coffee where you offer your expertise, or simply being there to listen, kindness is the best way to show you care. 
A self-important person will struggle with being kind because kindness requires looking outward. And self-important people tend to do the opposite and focus only inwardly.  
Relationships are vital if you want your business to grow and succeed. You can’t form relationships by constantly being focused on yourself. 
Start being kind today! 

2. Be real and raw on all your social platforms

Can you relate to perfection?  
No! No one can because no one is perfect.  
Self-important individuals tend to forget that they are humans too and that humans have imperfections. 
They display only their best on their social platforms, making others feel incompetent and embarrassed of their weaknesses. 
Don’t fall into this trap!
Put your hot mess out there and be surprised at the responses that you get. Be real. Be raw. It’s what others might need to stop feeling yucky about themselves and to know they are not alone. 
You attract what you are. And what is it that you want to be? 
Authentic or self-important and pretentious? 
By attracting the real and the raw, whether it be colleagues or clients, you give those around you the opportunity to be themselves. You open the door to sharing in one another's joys and failures and avoid having to act like you have it all together (when you really don't).
This kind of authentic relationship will last a lot longer than one where you have to hide your imperfections. 
Put your hot mess out there today! 

3. Listen to opinions other than your own

Self-important people believe that their opinions are the only ones that matter. Listening to others is unimportant and unnecessary to them. 
How can you know what your clients and colleagues need if you’re unwilling to listen to them? 
You won’t have people who stick around and the growth of your business will suffer under it. 
It’s good and necessary to have your own set of beliefs and values. There is nothing wrong with that. But know that others have their own set of beliefs and values too. Be willing to listen as others share. 
This doesn’t mean you have to change what you believe. Stand firmly in that but be willing to listen and have a conversation with those around you. 

4. Embrace an attitude of collaboration 

There is nothing sexier than COLLABORATION! 
Avoid having an attitude of self-importance and choose collaboration instead. 
How does one do this? Easy. 
Work with others to produce something amazing!
Why do it alone when you can involve individuals and organizations to reach a common goal? 
Self-important people don’t collaborate because they don’t trust others and believe that alone they can do it all. 
You miss out on forming life-long relationships that could help your business grow and succeed when you refuse to let others work alongside you. 

5. Avoid elbowing 

Remember that you compete with no one but yourself. Why make enemies when you can make friends?
Self-important people tend to disagree. They don’t like to see others succeed and will selfishly go about doing what it takes to remove the competition.
Avoid this strategy at all costs! 
Instead, embrace the competition. You never know, maybe you can learn something from them or better yet, even collaborate with them. 
Start with these 5 strategies and watch how your business grows and succeeds! 
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