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3 Best Marketing Tips To Get More Clients and Make More Sales

Mar 28, 2022

3 Best Marketing Tips To Get More Clients and Make More Sales

It can be soul destroying when you put hours and hours of time into your business marketing, but aren’t meeting any new clients or making sales. 
If your business is struggling, then you may have the spotlight on the wrong person.
Imagine your business was a stage and there was one person right in the middle of the stage standing in the brightest spotlight. Who is that person in the spotlight? It’s the most important person in your business, right? That’s who should be there. 
Well, let’s get honest. Some of us make the mistake of putting ourselves center stage. We make the mistake of thinking that we, the business owners, should be in the spotlight. But the MOST important person in your business, the person that should be in that spotlight is really your client. 
Is the focus in your business on spotlighting your accomplishments, your goals, your journey? Or are you spotlighting your clients’ needs, goals, and journeys?
That’s at the heart of a successful marketing strategy. If you’re putting the focus on the people you are serving, it is much more alluring.
If you’re ready to start putting your client back in the spotlight, here are 3 steps and some very practical things you can do starting today.

Clearly Define Who Your Client Is

Are you spending enough time figuring out who your ideal client is? Have you spent as much time thinking about them as the product or service you’re selling? Knowing and understanding your client is crucial to increasing sales
To truly know your clients and what they need, you need to understand them on all levels. Try to get to know their: 
  • Demographics --what are your clients' stats on income level and age etc? 
  • Psychographics -- what are your clients' attitudes and tastes?
  • Ethnographic -- what is the culture of your client?
  • Buying habits --where, what and how do your clients make purchases?
This is called Market Research. A lot of business owners skip this part because it can be time consuming and expensive. 
Try to paint a very clear picture of someone in your mind. You can even give them a name and an avatar! It will help you immensely in your next steps.

Connect With Your Client

Defining your client is very different than connecting with them. 
How do you connect? Easy.
  • If your clients are on social media, you need to be on social media too. Use different social media platforms as a tool where you teach and enrich your clients with valuable information. Leave some helpful tips so they feel valued. Don’t forget to respond to comments and answer questions. This costs you nothing.
  • Understand their pain points, goals and struggles. You might be able to figure some of these out on your own. But try to intentionally have conversations, ask questions, and be prepared to learn more about your ideal client any chance you get. 
  • Promote insider information. Give your clients the inside scoop on an upcoming sale or early access to your new product. This will create greater trust and loyalty to you and your business. 
Once your customer purchases your product, this should not be the end of your interaction with them, but the start of a beautiful, blossoming relationship because you want your current clients to not only remain your clients but also refer new clients
One forever client will do more for your business than 10 one-time clients. 
So you need to build relationships with your existing clients and gain their trust. 

Help Your Clients Know, Like and Trust You

As business owners, this is why we normally make the mistake of putting ourselves in the spotlight. It isn’t necessarily because we want to be in the spotlight, but because we want our clients to know, like and trust us. We want to show them why we are so confident in our product or service. 
And your clients DO need to know that you are experienced and qualified. But show them in a way that still puts them center-stage. Make it clear how your experience, qualifications and credentials will help them. How will all those things make a difference to them? Don’t just do it to show off and put yourself up on a pedestal. 
But how do you show them, where do you start?
  • Promote your expertise and participate in industry panel discussions.
  • Speak at events that you know your clients will be present at.
  • Host educational workshops that will benefit your clients. 
First draw them to you by talking about them, showing them how you can enrich their journey, or solve their problems. After they’ve been drawn to you, then let them see your credentials. It’s just a matter of getting the order right. 
Putting the spotlight back onto your clients is how you stop chasing people, and get them to start chasing you. It’s the foundation of an amazing business marketing strategy. 
It’s how you find more clients that are a good fit for you. 
It’s how you start working relationships that last longer than a quick sale. 
It’s how collaborations are born. 
It’s the secret sauce of Sexy Marketing. 
And ultimately, it’s how you make more sales and grow your business in a sustainable, healthy and sexy way.
Communicating well with your clients is a skill with many dimensions, and it's a crucial part of shining the spotlight on them. Read more about good client communication habits and some common mistakes business owners make when communicating with their ideal clients.
Remember what your business is about. It’s about helping people. Don’t lose sight of what’s important for the sake of sales. The irony is that the sales will come when you don’t focus on them. Spotlight your client, and grow your sexy business the sexy way.