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4 Habits to Stop When Delivering a Sexy Message to Your Clients

Jun 14, 2021

4 Habits to Stop When Delivering a Sexy Message to Your Clients

Have you ever felt a disconnect between yourself and your clients? You really want them to win. And you’ve given them all the tools for success, but they just aren’t moving forward. It might be easy to put the blame on your clients, but it’s possible you’ve been choking them without realizing it. 

Your gut reaction might say “No way. I’d never choke anyone!” Right? 

But did you know that you can leave your clients (or potential clients) feeling choked by just delivering your message in the wrong way? Choking is a metaphor for squeezing the life (and their potential to succeed) out of them, by making them feel overwhelmed, confused or defeated by your message. The same message that is supposed to help them win. 

And if you’ve noticed your clients looking confused or overwhelmed after meeting with you, it might be time to look at how you are communicating with them. 

Here are our 4 top sexy business tips to help you deliver a powerful, impactful message to your clients. 

1. Portion Control

Stop serving your clients elephants. Everyone knows the old saying, ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.’ 

Even though we all know this, we may forget to practice it in the way we talk to our clients. We overload them by feeding them huge chunks of elephant - too many tasks to implement all in one go! 

If you serve your client a whole elephant, they won’t be able to process any of the information. They’ll feel overwhelmed, confused, and eventually defeated. Because it’s an impossible task. 

The sexy way to do business with your clients is to help them win. To do this you need to break down your message into small, digestible pieces - simple tasks that are easy to implement one at a time. 

Now your clients won’t feel choked. They will feel empowered and ready to work on any task you give them. 

2. Slow Your Roll

Stop speaking so fast. Nerves are a terrible thing. They can cause you to speak too fast or even worse, to babble. When you speak too fast your clients can’t process all that you have to say. They might not even understand what you're saying (or have a chance to ask).

Be intentional and slow your words down. You want your clients to win.  And to win they need you to give them all they need. You can only do this successfully if you stop speaking so fast. 

Speaking too fast also makes it sound like you are rushed and uninterested. That’s not sexy. In a sexy business, your clients feel like you want to be there with them, and that you have all the time in the world for them. 

Breathe. Slow Down. Take your time and make sure your clients leave feeling important and valued.

3. Give Them Some Space

Stop talking so much. Here’s another challenge: You are the expert in your field. You know a lot about what you’re talking about. You probably feel like an endless source of valuable information to your clients. They are so happy to work with you, but it’s so easy to make the mistake of talking too much.

When you talk too much, your clients can’t appreciate what you are saying. They can’t create something solid in their mind - something easy for them to process and apply. 

And it might be really hard to stop talking so much if you have a certain personality type. If you are naturally a chatty person, or if you’re a people’s person, then you will need to be quite intentional about giving your clients some space to process what you are saying. 

They need space to be able to engage in a conversation with you and ask you questions. Ask them if they understand. Ask them for their opinion on what you just told them. Try to balance the conversation with their voice. 

4. Information Overload

Stop overwhelming your clients with information. This is another way of serving “too much elephant.”  

If your client asks you a simple question and you give them a complicated answer, you are overwhelming them for no reason. 

Imagine a Kindergarten child trying to understand a principle needed for a Masters Degree. It’s impossible. There is going to be a huge disconnect. The same applies to your clients and potential clients.

Give them the answer to the question they asked in a simple, direct way. Don’t do an information dump onto them. They don’t know what to do with all that information. Just give them what they need to understand now for their current tasks or situation.

Delivering your message in a sexy way is so important in a sexy business. 

If you want your clients to win, you need to “Heimlich your delivery.” This may sound strange, but “to Heimlich your delivery” means to deliver your message with impact.

An impactful message is short and sweet.
It’s also empowering and encouraging. 
It is easy to follow and just as easy to implement. 

So slow down, don’t talk too much, break your message into easily digestible pieces and Heimlich your delivery. 

We want your business to win. And we want you to help your clients’ businesses to win. We want to do everything we can to help create sexy businesses for sexy lives for you and your clients. Have a peek at the My Sexy Business Magazine for more sexy business secrets, strategy, and stories of how our clients have been winning too.