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What is a sexy life?

Dec 05, 2020

Do you want that sexy life? Are you 100% sure you know what that sexy life looks like? Well if you aren’t, we are here to help you discover exactly what a sexy life is.

A sexy life is not generic and looks different for everyone. It does very well have a specific definition and not a generic one. It’s a life based on YOUR priorities and YOUR desires. Ask yourself…  What is it that YOU want YOUR life to look like? 
What do you want to be doing on an ordinary day?
Do you want more time with your kids? More time to surf? Maybe less time spent at your office desk? You fill in the blanks. 
 A SEXY LIFE is being able to do what is a PRIORITY to you. 
This can change over time and is also based on what season of life you are in. Your sexy life will look different to the person next to you and theirs will look different to the person across from them.
Think about what it is you REALLY want out of life? What do you REALLY desire out of life? What are your priorities? 
The clearer you become about your priorities, the clearer you can become on what you want your sexy life to look like. 
For one moment, take away time and money. Don’t focus on the responsibility aspects. 
Would you wake up at 6 am or sleep in till 8 am? Would you cook dinner at home or eat out more often? Would you spend more time with your kids or maybe more time with your husband? Now, compare this to your priorities. Do they match? Are they congruent?
Start where it’s timeless and there is no money involved. 
Be clear about what you want and know that YOU are responsible for creating your sexy life. 
This is the NO EXCUSE ZONE. No time for I can’t or I don’t. No more of that!
Spend some time thinking about what you REALLY want, what would really make you happy and WRITE IT DOWN. I cannot emphasize this enough. Put it all in writing.
Stop WAFFLING, stop going back and forth. It’s okay to want more than one thing but then decide what that is and go for it. 
Be CONSISTENT and CLEAR in what you want.
Go and get that SEXY LIFE. 
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