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The #1 Sign of Unhealthy Boundaries in a Relational Business

Aug 22, 2022

The #1 Sign of Unhealthy Boundaries in a Relational Business 

Is it possible to have too many boundaries in your business? 
Is that even a serious question?
As entrepreneurs we all know that boundaries are an important part of getting the job done. They’re crucial to living your sexy life. And they are definitely a buzzword in business right now. 
We’ve never been more aware of the dangers of burnout and mental health struggles. 
So creating boundaries and sticking to them is always something we are trying to get better at, especially as impact-driven relational entrepreneurs.
But did you know you can become so good at setting up boundaries that it could actually damage your business and relationships
It is really important to have a protective barrier around us, like a wall. 
But what type of wall are you building? A brick wall or a firewall? 
Being aware of your boundary-setting style is an important step that’s easy to ignore. 


When you are setting up your boundaries, are you actually setting up a brick wall? 
A brick wall is a hard “No.” It keeps everyone and everything out. 
It’s so easy to do this when you’re in survival mode in your business. Maybe you’re stretched because you’re taking on more clients or launching a new product. Your To-Do list gets longer and the emails start piling up.
You know you need to protect your time and bandwidth so you keep adding more bricks and cement. The wall gets taller and taller and you feel safer, and better equipped to achieve your goals.
But the danger is that a brick wall can do more harm than good. 


We might think we are protecting ourselves, our bandwidth and our business,
but creating brick walls actually bricks us inside and keeps us isolated.
There is no room for relationships if we become too guarded, and have too much of a barrier between us and other people. 
We can’t hear feedback from our mentors or team. 
We lose communication with our clients. 
We stop enjoying time with our friends and family.
Taking the proverbial brick and mortar, and building a solid wall around you creates more of a defensive image to anyone trying to get close to you. 
And if you’re trying to build a relational business, this kind of boundary style is a recipe for disaster. 


Set up a firewall instead! 
Firewalls make it possible for you to protect your bandwidth and prioritize your relationships at the same time.
“Firewalls protect us by managing the expectations of other people.”
A firewall isn’t a hard “No.” 
It includes open communication about how and where people can contact you and makes it easy for them to find you in the channels that you have chosen. 
Setting up a firewall does require you to be vulnerable and to allow people inside. It’s relational, and sometimes that is a challenge. But it is always worth it. 
Becoming aware of the difference between these boundary-setting styles is the first step to getting clear on what you want your business and life to look like. 
Understanding your priorities in business is one of the best ways to create healthy, manageable and clear boundaries in your day to day life. We use an incredible process called Sticky Note Time to set our goals for the quarter and crush every single one of them while being flexible enough to keep our relationships thriving.