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My Sexy Business with Kim White

Dec 05, 2020

Kim White, founder and team leader of the My Sexy Business team is not only a creator and host but an author, social media collaboration specialist, international speaker, and business instructor. Kim then also runs the masterminds around the world, has founded the My Sexy Business academy, the Hope to Hope conference, and the My Sexy Business collaboration summit.  This woman has the ultimate SEXY LIFE and hopes that the launch of her podcasts will show you how you can get that SEXY LIFE too. 

Kim decided to launch her own podcast because she wanted to help people create sexy businesses for their sexy lives. She wanted to help people empower other people to be able to have the life they dream about and then to not just DREAM it but also LIVE IT. 

“What you dare to dream, dare to do.” 

One of Kim’s favourite quotes and a motto she lives by. That is why she decided to take a calculated risk, to take that leap off the cliff and finally launch the podcast she’s been wanting to for so long

The podcast is for anyone who wants to LIVE their LIFE and have their business wrapped around it and not the norm where life is wrapped around their business. Anyone who wants to improve themselves and their business principles and wants a SEXY, CONFIDENT life, this is the podcast for you.  

Kim believes in hard work and creating magic for her listeners. She wants YOU to have an easy, beautiful life, hang out with sexy, beautiful people and not be isolated, overwhelmed or alone in the process of becoming an entrepreneur and having a sexy life. You can therefore expect several podcast episodes a week with the first 100 done by the end of the year! 

“Imagine what we can do if nobody cares who gets the credit.” 

Do not miss this incredible new series by Kim White. Subscribe to her My Sexy Business Youtube Channel and find out more on her Kim White, My Sexy Business, Facebook page.