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Top Tips on how to stop hustling in business and slow down

May 17, 2021

Top Tips on how to stop hustling in business and slow down

Hustle, hustle, hustle. It’s the ultimate buzzword in business these days. And it definitely feels like it’s become the new normal? But honestly, don’t you wish you could just slow down? Don’t you ever get tired of running around all the time?  Well, I’m here to tell you that you can and that you should. 

Creating a sexy business and living a sexy life happens when you’re doing something with confidence and you’re doing it repeatedly. It doesn’t only benefit you, but everyone around you. A sexy business and a sexy life will leave an impact that is not easily forgotten. 

Hustling in business is sexy, for sure, but hustling all the time is not so sexy. To have a sexy business and a sexy life you need to realise that hustling is a dance and not a lifestyle.

Here are some tips to help you keep hustling while remaining sexy at the same time:

Make the right IMPACT 

Be honest with yourself about how your hustling is going. Think about the impact it’s having on you, your business and your life. Hustling is sexy but only up to a point, so ask yourself: 

Am I impacting the people and places I want to be impacting? 
Am I hustling but not spending time with family? 
Am I busy at work but actually getting nothing done?
Am I delegating or burning myself out? 

Know when to hustle and when to rest 

Hustling is very important in business and life but to constantly be hustling, is not sexy. You cannot live life at 100 percent speed at all times. You will experience burnout. So, choose wisely when you are going to hustle and when you are going to rest.  

You might need to do a big reset. Maybe you need to take a step back and examine your life and your business really closely. Check-in with yourself and ask yourself some questions (and make sure you’re honest with the answers.) 

Am I always hustling? If I am, why is it so?
Do I feel like I am always playing catch up?

Or perhaps you just need to relook at your patterns of work and rest. 

You need to consistently keep doing that which keeps you healthy and sane. ‘Consistently’ being the keyword in that sentence. You need to look after yourself by putting time aside each week for you. Do whatever it is that fills your cup. In this way, you will feel refreshed, recharged and refuelled so that you can keep hustling. 

Here’s my advice for you today: Reset and get clear. 

Get clear about what you need to be doing.
Get clear on how other people can help you in your business and life. 
Get clear on why you are hustling and constantly feeling hurried.
Get clarity because it matters. It matters, for you, your family and those watching you. 

It might be a time in your business where you need to Slow Down to Speed Up like we explored in our podcast/blogs from Season 1. If you are in hustle mode then check out those practical tips on growing your business without the anxiety that comes with constant hustling.

So play that HUSTLE music, dance it out, and then go and get some REST so you can hustle back to that dance floor for the next song and keep building your sexy business for your sexy life.