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How to use vision boards for a sexy business and a sexy life

Mar 01, 2021

How to use vision boards for a sexy business and a sexy life 

A vision board. You probably know what it is and you’ve probably made one yourself, but today I want to help you understand how a vision board can impact your life to make it sexy and beautiful. 

A vision board consisting of images, put simply, is something that needs to be in your line of vision, not only in the vision for your life but in your line of eyesight. This is important. Vision boards are eyesight related. You want to put your vision board somewhere where you can see it, not necessarily always concentrate on it but always be able to take note of it. Put it in your office, your living room, your bathroom wherever it is that you are going to see it and see it and see it. 

Vision boards should be simple and uncluttered. Simple vision boards result in simple and clear goals that will realize a lot quicker than goals that are complicated and jumbled. I don’t mean less impactful or smaller goals but goals that define what you really want, goals that are clear about the vision of what you want for your life.

Having your vision board in constant eyesight and envisioning yourself reaching those goals will result in you working on these goals without you even being aware of it. 

Your vision board will help you to start coming up with solutions for you and your life, making your life more sexy and beautiful. 

A great example of this is, if you want a new house, get a picture of the house that you want and be very specific about it. Look in magazines, on the internet or in books. The options are endless. Don’t just make it a stick house but rather find an image of the house you really want. Find one with the right colour, find one with the kind of windows you want, whatever it may be, the sky's the limit. Find that which entices and excites you to work towards your goal. Keep it in your vision and allow it to drive you. 

Vision boards allow for reticular activation. That’s a really big word but basically, it means that because your vision board is in your constant vision, you are going to start seeing the things on your vision board in other places. Your mind is going to start looking everywhere for whatever is on that board. You are going to start noticing things you never noticed before. You are going to be creating a sexy and beautiful life for yourself, without even knowing it. 

Don’t take setting up your vision board lightly. Don’t do a 10-minute version that’s going to be set in stone for the next 5 years. Your vision board should grow. Maybe you want a Red Hellcat right now but then later you realise you actually want a Red Hellcat with these certain kinds of wheels. Your vision board should evolve with you and should not be set in concrete. 

Activate your mind. Activate your eyesight. Activate your vision. Move towards what it is you really want. 

I’m going to challenge you to start a vision board. Go and buy a piece of poster board and put it up someplace where you can see it all the time. Add to it over time, change it up and continue to evolve with it. 

Let’s keep creating vision boards that build towards sexy businesses for sexy lives.