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How To Sell Without Being Sleazy

confidence how to sell ideal clients making an impact making sales Jul 08, 2024
Sleazy salesman trying to sell something with the text: How To Sell Without Being Sleazy
Have you ever heard the phrase “sleazy salesman”? Have you ever had the experience of being cornered by one? 
Chances are you have. They keep talking and talking about how fantastic their product is, and how it’s the solution to all your problems.  
And can you remember how it felt? Like you couldn’t say no. It feels really icky to be on the receiving end of those kinds of sales pitches. 
And as an entrepreneur, you never want to inflict that kind of feeling on your ideal clients, so making sales becomes something to avoid. 
But does selling have to be sleazy? Of course not.
Selling is how your business grows. It’s how you make an income. And it’s how your business makes an impact. 
So here’s how to sell the right way, with confidence! It’s as simple as A-B-C.

A is for Attitude: Desperation vs Confidence

When I think of sleazy sales, there's an element of desperation. You need someone to buy your thing.” Kerry Zarb
But when you are the solution for someone, and you really want to help them - that comes from a place of passion for people and confidence in your product. That's not a desperate attempt to make money.
The keyword in making sales is confidence: 
Confidence in your product or service. 
Confidence in you being the solution to someone’s problem. 
And the solution may seem very simple to you, but your ideal client just hasn’t found it yet. So the first step of learning how to sell is to be confident in your offer.  Be confident that you are the solution because that's how business works.

B is for Belief: Everyone Can Be A Sales Person

“Eskimos don’t need ice.” Kim White
There is a famous saying: “They can sell ice to an Eskimo!’ And that implies someone really knows how to sell well. 
But when you’re trying to sell something to someone they don’t need, that’s not a good thing. It’s not something to aspire to as an entrepreneur. That is the essence of sleazy selling.
You have to have your ideal client at the center if you want to start making sales and making an impact with your business.
When you find your confidence to help other people with a solution, you can make sales naturally without thinking about it. 
“I am great at making sales and not being sleazy about it because I know I am the solution to someone's problem and I am making a difference in their life, and sales is one of the ways that I know that that's true.” Kim White

C is for Communication: Speak Up

“New entrepreneurs struggle with the whole sales thing. They don't want to sales pitch, or sound like they're selling.” Kim White
It’s tempting to think that if you build a great product and business, you can just sit back and your ideal clients will come flocking to you. But, unfortunately, that’s just not the case. 
There is so much out there, that if you don't speak up about it there is little to no chance of making any sales.
If somebody doesn't have the information about you - where to go to hire you or connect with you - how can you make a sale? And how can you make an impact? 
Learning how to sell well is about speaking up, again and again. Keep sharing your message with confidence and passion.
So run your ABC’s to psyche yourself up to make your next sale.
Check your attitude: Are you confident in your solution and your product?
What do you believe? Will making this sale make an impact?
Are you ready to communicate? To speak up, and share your offer with your ideal client?
Our Groundwork Brigade is the perfect place to learn how to sell the right way, and to chuck out all those sleazy sales experiences you’ve had. It’s a community of entrepreneurs learning how to build a relational business using irresistible marketing strategies, tailored around your individual needs, in a group setting, with lots of accountability and support.
If you missed the conversation between Kim and Kerry on their podcast Buckets and Boom Gates, you can catch it here. (change to episode 58)
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