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How To Bust Those Blindspots Out of Your Sexy Business

Jul 12, 2021

How To Bust Those Blind Spots Out of Your Sexy Business

 It’s time to admit it. You have blindspots.
If you think you don’t, then that could be your blind spot. 
But don’t worry, you are not alone. We all have them. 
We don’t like to admit that we have blind spots because we think that admitting our faults shows weakness, when in fact, it’s the complete opposite. 
Admitting that you aren’t perfect shows the kind of strength that benefits both you and your business. That’s what leads to change.  And necessary change is what allows your business (and you, personally) to grow and flourish.   
So let’s talk about blind spots. 

What Are Blind Spots in Business?

When you took driving lessons, you would have learned that there is an area behind you called your blindspot. It’s a danger zone because there might be a car behind you that’s impossible to see in your mirror.  It doesn’t mean you are a bad driver. We all have a blind spot - that’s why we get taught to turn back and check before we turn - so we don’t cause a massive accident! 
In business, blindspots take on various forms. You could have blindspots towards certain people - only choosing to work with a certain kind of person, or avoiding another kind of personality. 
You can have a bias to a style of work or specific software or a preferred leadership model. 
You can feel protective over systems and projects you have created because you see them as “yours.”
Whether it’s on the road, in business, or in your personal life, you do not want to ignore your blind spots and cause accidents. You probably want the opposite of that. You want an open road. You want growth. You want success. You want “sexy!”

Where do Blind Spots Come From? 

“Every mama crow thinks her baby is the blackest”
What is at the root of all blind spots? 
Thinking that you could never do anything wrong. 
Thinking that everything you do is faultless.
Even thinking that your team is perfect. 
There is nothing wrong with being confident of your abilities. It’s good to love your team and think that your business is sexy and beautiful. 
But what happens when you don’t achieve your goal? What happens when the pain points arise? Or if you get feedback that you don’t like? The blame game begins, tensions start to rise, and even the perfect team becomes an awful place to be. 
How can you become better if you think that you are already the best?
Humility is sexy in business and realizing that no one and nothing is perfect can only help your business and your employees grow to become more sexy and beautiful.

How Do Blind Spots Grow? 

“I can’t see the forest for the trees.” 
You can’t see the big picture if you’re only focusing on the details.
But you also can’t see the details if you’re only looking at the big picture.
When you are running a business, your mind has to be everywhere, and that makes you susceptible to growing blind spots. 
You are managing the big picture of your business - your vision, your long-term goals, your business framework, and management systems. But you also have your eye on the details - you’re working in the trenches, completing projects, having meetings, doing interviews, creating products, and the list goes on. 
It can be easy to get so caught up in the details that you lose track of the big picture or the opposite. And that’s the danger zone for an entrepreneur.
When your eyes are so busy looking from big picture - to details - to big picture - to details that it’s easy to miss something. Something in the big picture or the details that are keeping you from having a sexy, flourishing business.
As a sexy business owner, it is important to admit that there are some “danger zones” in your business that you are not able to see. It doesn’t mean you are bad at business, just as much as having a blindspot doesn’t make you a bad driver. 

The Sexy Way to Deal With Blind Spots 

So how do you deal with blind spots? 
The first step is getting humble - and coming to terms with the fact that you aren’t perfect. 
The second step is admitting that you can’t see everything in your business. That you do actually have blind spots, and it might be keeping you from seeing something really important. 
The third step is asking for feedback about what those blind spots might be at every chance you get.
There is power in honest feedback. It can come from your mentor, someone on your team, or even someone outside your business with a different perspective. But make sure it is from someone you know and trust.
Feedback is sexy and beautiful and can help you reveal those blind spots in your sexy business.
Whatever your reasons are for ignoring your blind spots, it’s not helping you or your business to be sexy and beautiful.
If you want your business to have an impact on the world, if you want to constantly be bettering yourself and your business, then you need to start paying attention to those blind spots and dealing with them. 
There is such power in knowing what your blind spots are so that you can do something about them. 
And if you’re ready to take the next step in dealing with those “danger zone” blind spots, find out how the My Sexy Business Team can work with you to bust them out of your sexy business and your sexy life.