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How to be a dream breather in business

Mar 22, 2021

How to be a dream breather in business

Have you ever heard of a dream breather? Not many people can say they have but they might know one if they saw one. 

A dream breather is someone who comes alongside you when you have a dream that you want to achieve. Not only do they walk the road with you but they support you every step of the way. They breathe on that dream of yours and somehow play a part in it becoming a reality. They help you to create your sexy business and your sexy life. 

Dream breathers are rare. If you find your dream breather and they are sincerely there to support you, hold onto them. Be grateful for them. Thank them out loud, because finding a dream breather doesn’t happen every day and when it does, it allows you to go further faster. 

Let’s talk about the other side. The people who are always negative and who don’t believe in you and your dreams. They think you are foolish and that you should give up on your dreams. These people are known as dream stealers or dream killers. 

Have you ever been close to accomplishing something and then suddenly, out of nowhere, it seems as if the dream killers are unleashed on you like zombies? They come from everywhere and suddenly you are surrounded by negativity. I am not talking about someone who's truthful with you. We all need people in our lives who give us positive criticism because they want us to be better. I’m talking about people who don’t want you to have a sexy business and a sexy life.  

This is when you need to put your guard up. To guard your dreams. It might not be the right season for your dream to become a reality but that doesn’t mean it’s not valid. There is a reason for the dreams that you have and you should never allow a dream killer to convince you otherwise. 

Therefore finding dream breathers are important. Dream breathers won’t always be easy to find. Sometimes you will need to find a dream breather in a book, on a podcast, or somewhere online. You won’t always be close to a dream breather and may therefore need to find a way to encourage yourself and become your own dream breather until you can attract and find other dream breathers. 

There are pockets of dream breathers all over the place. There are circles of people who will believe in you, support you and come alongside you, so don’t give up on your search for your dream breather. 

Until you can surround yourself with dream breathers, who are honest with you and who help you accomplish your dreams, until they show up, be your own dream breather. 

Get coached by reading a great business book, get wisdom by having conversations with a group online or from listening to podcasts that resonate with you. Get busy creating your sexy, beautiful life. 

Don’t be that negative dream killer that we are all capable of being but rather breathe on your dreams and be a dream breather. Make your dreams happen because they are worth it and so are you. Keep breathing.