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How To Accomplish More Goals Than You Ever Have Before 

Aug 01, 2022

How To Accomplish More Goals Than You Ever Have Before 

What do you do with all the business ideas and goals swirling around in your brain? You have so much you want to accomplish, but your time is limited. 
Maybe you want to write a book, expand your business, or figure out how to earn some mailbox money?
How do most entrepreneurs deal with that kind of overwhelm (and the anxiety that comes with it?) 
Write a list, of course!
Some lists are beautifully written and color-coordinated. 
Some lists are digital.
And some lists are scattered all over the place. 
A list is a good first step, but the problem with working off a list is that we work through the list from the top down. 
There is no system to figure out what’s the most important. 
And let’s be honest, it’s easier to push the bigger scarier goals to the bottom of the list. But they are usually the most important.
If you don’t organize and prioritize your goals, you’ll just keep yourself busy doing the things you like and are comfortable doing, but you won’t grow your business the way you really want to.

Choose Which Goal To Accomplish First

“Running a tournament is a simple way to answer the question: what is the most important thing that needs to get done?”
Do you know how a sports tournament works?
There are two participants' names in brackets up on the wall. They battle it out (in whichever sports event it is) and then the winner's name gets moved forward to the next round, where they compete with another participant. 
This process gets repeated until there is only one tournament winner!
If you really want to start achieving your goals (and especially the more challenging ones) you’ve got to take some time with your original list of goals and run a tournament with it. 
You’ve got to work through it in multiple rounds. 
In each round take one goal and let it “compete” with all the other goals to decide which one really is more important.  And the winner of that round goes onto the top of a new list.
Once you’ve run a tournament with every single goal on your Original List, you’re going to end up with a whole New List. 
But this one will be organized with your biggest goals and priorities at the top. 

 Accomplish One Goal At A Time

“In a tournament there can only be one winner.”
Two goals can’t both be the most important. 
Be honest and clear as you go through the Tournament Process. In each round, there can only be one clear winner.
We get so much done in The My Sexy Business Team. And people often ask how we do it. This is the exact process we follow on a big scale (every quarter) and in our daily routines (3 times a week) 
It’s all about picking the right things to focus on. 
Creating Tournaments helps you to prioritize the big things - the important things - every day. 
It helps you to take the right things seriously, and not just let the To-Do List dictate your schedule and activities

Be Flexible With Your Goals

“Any given day, you can be the winner.” 
In a sports tournament the outcome (the ultimate winner) can be influenced by a number of variables - the weather, the facilities, mindset, health and the list goes on. 
It isn’t always cut and dry. You could get a different winner from the same tournament based on the circumstances of that day.
It will be the same with your Goals Tournament. Choosing which goals are the most important may not always be obvious or simple. 
Remember to be flexible with yourself about the stage you are in. You might be doing home renovations, experiencing a health problem, growing your family, or planning a wedding. 
All those life circumstances impact your tournament and you might end up with different priorities to the ones you set a month ago. 
Today may be different to tomorrow.
This week may be different to last week.
Next month may be different to this month.
“Tournaments can become a simple way to practice constantly prioritizing what you really want.”
If you’re ready to start running tournaments on your goals list, we would love to hear how it’s working out for you. Join us in our Clubhouse Rooms (Monday to Friday 7am to 9am CST)  to let us know. Or join Sticky Note Time - the workshop we have created just for entrepreneurs. It’s the process we use at My Sexy Business and it helps us to crush so many goals each quarter.