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Here's how to line up your priorities with your business and your life

Apr 26, 2021
Are you lying about your priorities

Here's how to line up your priorities with your business and your life

Are you lying about your priorities? Ouch! Right? This is something I had to ask myself. I had to figure out why when I said one thing was a priority, it was not showing up in my life as I wanted. I had to figure out why I was choosing to live a life that wasn’t sexy.

I had to ask myself, could I be convicted? Was there enough evidence to convict me of my priorities? The answer was, once again, not what I wanted to hear because the answer was no. 

I had priorities, or so I thought they were, but I was building my life around anything but priorities, it seemed. I had to go back and figure out what my priorities were and how I could honour them to make my life and my business sexy. 

You know I came to this place, and I am sure you have come to this place before, called the hard decision crossroads. This is a place where you have to decide if you’re going to go down one path or another, but you can’t do both. This is a place where you choose the sexy or the not so sexy. 

I had to make some really hard decisions. I had to decide that I was going to honour the priorities that I had in my life and that I was going to leave enough evidence that I could be convicted if ever accused of not following my priorities. 

It is a big responsibility and a great opportunity as an adult to live life and to make decisions daily. Although it is a wonderful thing, it is also very hard sometimes as we get busy very quickly filling our days with things that HAVE to be done and not necessarily with the things that we WANT to get done. Life then quickly becomes not so sexy. 

So when you are trying to decide what your priorities are and trying to decide how to live out those priorities, I want you to think about your true north. What is your true north? What is it that makes your life sexy? Is your true north perhaps that you put God first? Or is your true north that you put your family before your business? Is your true north… I want you to fill in the blank. What is your true north?

Then I want you to step back and say, ‘What areas in my life am I not honouring my priorities and they would never be able to convict me of it?’ 

So my friend I hope that you are not lying to yourself about your priorities. I do a priority check every quarter to make sure I am staying in line with mine and making my life sexy, just the way I want it to be. Tough subject but man can it make a difference in your life and business. 

If you want to learn how to get your priorities right on track, for a sexy business and a sexy life, then you have to choose the right mentors and teachers. Our Mastermind Course, Group Coaching and One-on-One Coaching are all geared to make building a sexy business as practical as possible. 

The My Sexy Business Team would love to join you on your journey, especially if you want to shift directions and make your priorities matter.