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4 Reasons Vulnerability Builds a Better Business

Aug 16, 2021

4 Reasons Vulnerability Builds a Better Business

Vulnerability in the workplace can often be associated with weakness and a lack of confidence. One would not typically expect vulnerability from a business leader in the boardroom or on the stage during a public speaking. 
So why should YOU be vulnerable in YOUR workplace?
I’ll tell you why:
Vulnerability can be sexy in business if it’s done right. 
So, you’re probably wondering what vulnerability in business looks like and how to be a sexy kind of vulnerable? To understand what it means to be vulnerable in business, one needs to know what being vulnerable is and what it isn’t.

What Does “Being Vulnerable” Really Mean?

Being vulnerable in business does not mean being weak or having a lack of confidence. It is the complete opposite. Vulnerability in business is having the courage to be yourself for the benefit of your business. 
Vulnerability reveals that you are human. 
Here are 4 reasons why vulnerability is sexy. And why you should choose to be vulnerable at your workplace today! 

1. Vulnerability allows for creativity

Brené Brown, a professor at the University of Houston and a leading researcher on vulnerability believes that vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation and creativity. 
Be bold in your workplace by choosing to be vulnerable. Boldness and vulnerability may seem like opposite traits to you but in fact, it takes one to be the other. Putting yourself and your ideas out there is bold and it may make you feel vulnerable at first but how will your ideas, your visions, your creativity and your voice ever be heard if you don’t speak up and choose vulnerability? 
How can you let the creative juices flow without being vulnerable? Be willing to be questioned and doubted. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Be bold. Be vulnerable. It can only benefit you and your business.

2. Vulnerability creates a space for conversation

Genuine relationships are formed when you decide to be vulnerable. 
Being vulnerable opens up the space to questions and conversations. Conversations build relationships. And relationships are key in a sexy business. 
We are not robots working in an automated business with 100% efficiency and 0% emotion. You are a human, and your team and clients are humans too. We thrive when we are seen and heard. And this happens in conversation. 
If you are in the leader’s seat, then you have the power to shape the conversational environment in your team. So be vulnerable intentionally, and watch the conversations and relationships begin to blossom.

3. Vulnerability creates trust 

When you are vulnerable, you expose yourself to someone hurting you. That is scary. It takes a big leap of courage to be vulnerable - especially in business. But when it comes to your team and your clients, being vulnerable is crucial because building trust in those relationships is what makes your business thrive.
The strength that you exude when you are vulnerable allows them to trust you as their leader or in their business.
When your team and your clients trust you, they are willing to be vulnerable themselves and put themselves on the line for you. 
If you are vulnerable, you initiate the trust-building cycle. This is absolute gold in business, and it can’t be bought. 

4. Vulnerability helps others succeed

Choosing to be vulnerable makes you more relatable. You can help someone work through their problems just by sharing yours. No one is perfect and no one can relate to perfection. So be yourself and let others see your vulnerabilities.  
Choosing to be vulnerable and share with others about your failures in business and life can help them avoid making the same mistakes you did. And even more, it can set them up on the path for success. 
Choosing vulnerability is not always easy but when you know that your story can impact and change someone’s life, the choice to be vulnerable becomes a little easier.
There is power in being vulnerable. Both good and bad. Make sure that if you decide to be vulnerable, you are doing it because it will positively change someone’s life. (Although there are also times when being quiet instead of sharing is the right thing to do.)
Vulnerability helps us build better businesses, thrive as business leaders and ultimately become better people. 
Being vulnerable is always easier when you have an example to look to. The My Sexy Business Magazine is full of stories of incredible people, sharing their experiences, and being vulnerable - honestly sharing their struggles and dreams as they built their sexy businesses.