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4 Ways to Be Appropriately Honest That Will Benefit Both You and Your Business

avoid lies and deceit in business be appropriately honest in business honesty benefits your business honesty in business helps you succeed your honesty can help those around you succeed in business and life Feb 08, 2023
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Honesty is a key characteristic in any business. It sets the tone for the kind of work culture you strive to create and builds loyalty and trust amongst clients and colleagues. 
But only the right kind of honesty does this. 
And it’s known as being appropriately honest. 
We have many honest thoughts in a day. 
“Why is she working so slowly? It’s driving me crazy!”
“I’m never going to make it through this meeting. His voice is putting me to sleep.”
These thoughts are honest, but are they kind, necessary or beneficial? 
To be appropriately honest is to apply a kind of honesty that only benefits and doesn’t break down. Appropriate honesty only speaks when it is necessary, beneficial and kind. 
Let’s look at 4 ways to be appropriately honest that will benefit both you and your business. 

Be appropriately honest by choosing your words wisely. 

How you word your honesty matters. 
Appropriately honest people choose their words wisely and think before they speak. 
Sometimes you will have hard things to say, but saying it in a kind way will make a difference in how it is received and will help you build stronger relationships instead of breaking relationships down.
You will lose hard-working team members and loyal clients if you word your honesty in such a way that others around you feel hurt and disrespected. 
Speak clearly and kindly in every situation. 

 Be appropriately honest - refuse to endure and resent

Keeping quiet when you know your honesty is necessary and beneficial is not being appropriately honest. Especially when your silence causes resentment and frustration inside of you and prevents you from benefiting those around you. 
Many of us endure feelings of resentment and frustration because we want to feel accepted, involved and part of the team. And we think that speaking up will prevent this. 
What if I told you that being appropriately honest enables you to avoid feelings of resentment and be accepted at the same time? 
Your motives are important here. An appropriately honest person only wants to see others grow, improve and develop and will therefore speak when necessary.
If you are not welcomed and accepted because you want what is best for those around you, the problem does not lie with you.
Keep being appropriately honest with your colleagues and clients. It can only contribute to a better, stronger business.

Be appropriately honest by omitting only when necessary

An omission is a form of dishonesty. Although there is never a right time to be dishonest, there is a time to omit. 
Be appropriately honest by omitting unnecessary information that is not going to benefit, uplift or better anyone. 
In your business, you will have many opportunities where you want to speak your mind to colleagues and clients and what you have to say is honest but not beneficial. Keep quiet instead. 
You don’t want to offend or hurt clients and colleagues. You want to build long-lasting relationships with them. 
To build relationships that endure the test of time, you need to be appropriately honest. This means saying the hard, honest truths but only saying those truths if they are going to help your clients and colleagues grow and succeed. 

Be appropriately honest by allowing others to be appropriately honest (reviews)

Reviews are vital for the improvement, growth and development of any business, not just any reviews, but appropriately honest reviews
Focus on writing appropriately honest reviews and encourage others to do the same for your business.
Don’t be giving 5-star reviews if you don’t mean it but also don’t say something that isn’t necessary and beneficial.
If you want to see your business grow and succeed then you have got to start being appropriately honest. No business can flourish if it’s built on lies and deceit. 
If you missed the conversation between David White & Kim White (they aren't related, but relatable), you can listen to it here. 
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