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3 Ways To Nurture Amazing Client Relationships In Your Business

client relationships gratefulness investors respect Jun 10, 2024
Hands holding a red heart with the text: 3 Ways To Nurture Amazing Client Relationships In Your Business
When it comes to building a relational business, you have to ask yourself: How do you see your clients? As paychecks or investors? 
The term “investor” usually describes someone who puts a whole lot of money into your business and they want part of your business. 
But think about this: when your clients pay their invoices, or buy something from you, it's actually an investment too. They are investing in your entrepreneurial journey.  
If they are investing in you, then you need to be investing in them too. The success of your client relationships and business as a whole will depend on how you look at your clients and customers, how you view them, and how you treat them.
"Are you investing in them? Because they are paying you." Kim White
So how can you build long-lasting client relationships in your business from the very beginning? Here are 3 ways to invest in your clients as they invest in you. 

Client Relationships Thrive on Respect

“It’s a 2 way street of respect.” Kerry Zarb
A relational business is built on respect. Respecting your client enough to bring your A-game all the time (not just sometimes). And respecting them in the way you treat them as a human. 
Have you ever had a bad experience as a customer trying to buy something but you were treated a little “less than?” What resulted from that interaction? How did you feel about the store or the staff?
Are you treating others as you want to be treated? Because your clients will make a lot of their decisions based on how you treated them.  
When you see your client as a paycheck and not an investor, it’s easy to forget to be good to them.
"Nobody wants to do business with someone who isn’t doing right by them." Kim White
If you’re choosing to see your clients as investors in your business, then respect must be at the heart of your client relationships. 

Client Relationships Thrive on Gratitude

“It's all about not losing your gratefulness.” Kim White
A lot of times as entrepreneurs you can get to a place in business where you forget where you came from. It’s easy to forget how far you have come with your clients and all they’ve invested in your entrepreneurial journey over time.
And you might even want to forget the clients who are difficult or high maintenance.  But it’s important to be grateful for the time they are with your business, however long that may be. 
Each and every one of your clients are investors in your business and can teach you lessons. They can help you know what you don't want more of. They can teach you how to always bring your A game. All of these lessons you learn from doing business with another human.
“I am grateful for everyone who invested by being a client or being a customer, but that doesn't mean they're still here.” Kim White
Respect and gratefulness go hand in hand in long-lasting client relationships, and they will help you build a relational business that keeps growing and thriving.

Client Relationships Thrive on Boundaries

Investing in your clients does not mean anyone should have unconditional access to you. 
“We're not telling anyone that every client needs your 24/7 attention” Kerry Zarb
Building a relational business is about being intentional with the kind of attention you're giving them and the way you're treating them, while also being intentional about the boom gates you put down. 
Respect pops up again here, and plays a big role in setting up a healthy level of access in your client relationships. When you’re setting the expectations, always be open & honest as humans who are building a relationship that will last a long time. 
“Access is a decision you need to make before you take on a client.” Kim White
But if you’ve made a mistake in the beginning by allowing too much access then own that and have a conversation about it. Reset that expectation if it's gone a little bit rogue. That way you can avoid either party harboring any bitter feelings and going down a bad spiral. 
Having clear boom gates is one of the ways you set your client relationships up for success.
Successful client relationships are all about seeing your clients as investors in your business, and treating them with respect, gratefulness and clear communication. 
Our Groundwork Brigade is the perfect place to work on building healthy, long-lasting client relationships for your business. It’s a community of entrepreneurs learning how to build a relational business using irresistible marketing strategies, tailored around your individual needs, in a group setting, with lots of accountability and support.
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