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3 Skills That Help You Deal With the Unexpected in Your Business

Sep 05, 2022

3 Skills That Help You Deal With the Unexpected in Your Business

Starting your own business can sometimes feel like taking a ride on a mechanical bull. 
They are wild and unpredictable. 
One minute they’re throwing you one way, just before grinding to a sudden halt, only to start jerking you in the opposite direction seconds later.
When you get onto a mechanical bull, you better be ready to hold on for dear life, or else you are not going to make it. 
And the trick is to always be ready for the unexpected.
“When you step into the saddle, be ready for the ride.” 
When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you decide to step into a world full of the unexpected.
You never know what’s lurking behind the next wall. 
Is it a sick employee? Or a project that’s run off schedule? A financial surprise?
How you deal and cope with the unexpected differentiates the good from the great entrepreneurs. 
Which one are you?
Do you rise to the occasion and come up with solutions to the problem, or do you collapse under the pressure of the unexpected? 
Don’t worry if it’s the latter. 
Here are 3 skills that you can start practicing today that will help you get better at dealing with the unexpected.  

Business Skill #1: Accept That The Unexpected Will Happen. 

“Uncertainty is the only certainty there is.” - John Allen Paulos
No matter how habitual and mundane your everyday life at work may be, at some point the unexpected is going to happen. 
Do you know that? 
Have you accepted that?
By merely accepting and expecting the unexpected, you can be more prepared for it. 
Don’t let the unexpected leave you feeling unsettled. But let that truth drive you to feel equipped, prepared and confident. Be prepared to do what it takes to deal with what you’ve been dealt. 
 So be ready. Be waiting. And expect the unexpected. 
A great skill for any entrepreneur to acquire! 

Business Skill #2: Evaluate The Situation 

Phew! That was a close call. You just dodged a very unexpected bullet, but luckily everything turned out alright. Now you can carry on and go back to the way things were before, right?
There’s a vital step you’re missing in this process. 
It is time to do some self-evaluation and evaluation as a team. 
Take time and evaluate the situation. What could you have done differently? What would you like to do better when the next unexpected event occurs? Because it will.
Sit with your team and discuss how the unexpected problem came about, if you dealt with it effectively and how you can improve for when the next unexpected situation arises. 
Planning, strategizing and evaluating is another skill that every entrepreneur should learn! 

Business Skill #3: Be Productive

What’s the first priority of any business? Every business wants to make a profit.  
So when the unexpected happens, and you’re unable to fulfill your task and help your company make a profit, look around and see what else there is that you can do that can help your business grow and succeed. 
Be productive. 
For example, your daily tasks involve the internet, but unexpectedly the internet is off for the day. What do you do? You ask your team if there is anything you can assist them with, and you get busy being productive and helping your business grow and succeed. 
Don’t miss out on this vital skill as an entrepreneur. 
Whatever twists and turns come your way in business, you have to be ready. It’s going to be really tough at times, but being consistent and never giving up is crucial if you’re going to make a success of your business. 
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