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3 Reasons Why Being Authentically You Is So Important in Business

Sep 12, 2022

3 Reasons Why Being Authentically You Is So Important in Business

I’m sure you’ve noticed the very many settings on your dryer. 
The one you're probably most familiar with is the setting labeled “normal”. 
The setting that does the mundane, everyday kind of cycle. 
Dryers are great to have at home but let me tell you, no one wants to be a dryer in their business. 
Huh? A dryer? 
You’re probably wondering what I mean?
Let me explain.  
Normal is nothing new, Normal is what the guy next door is doing, Normal is a “copy and paste” approach.
Conformity was key to the old “successful business” approach. But when everyone looks the same, then nobody looks like themself. 
And that means that “being normal” is NOT authentic.
So, if the “normal” setting is not what you are supposed to aspire after in business, what are you supposed to be striving for? What’s the best choice you can make for the growth and success of your business? 
It’s to be YOU. To fully embrace who and what you are. 
Why is this SO important in business? 
Let me give you 3 reasons why. 

Authenticity Gives You Choices

When you embrace your uniqueness, you instantly create your own lane . No one in your business can do YOU better than YOU can. 
Instead of creating a product or service similar to those of your competitors, fully embrace you and what it is that you stand for. In this way, you generate opportunities to create something unique and profound. 
Don’t stress about losing clients because your product or service is too unique or different. The people interested in your business are your ideal clients and those that don’t stick around aren’t meant to be there. See this as a filtering-out process. You only want clients that are interested in the uniqueness that you are creating. 

 Authenticity Builds Genuine Relationships

Humans seek real, authentic relationships. 
Be bold and daring enough to not only be yourself in your personal life but in your business too. Your clients will thank you. 
Quiet that inner critic that keeps whispering to you that you have to be perfect and seem “professional” to succeed and be seen as an expert. It’s the complete opposite. Client loyalty is often more driven by emotional connection. 
People crave connection and are not exclusively interested in your product or service. 
Be vulnerable. Be you. The rewards are great for both you and your business. 
 Authenticity Builds Confidence In You 
Do you believe that being you and showing up every day is good enough? 
If you don’t, it’s time to start believing just that. 
Your mindset, thoughts and beliefs, create your reality. 
Believe that being YOU is the best thing for the success and growth of your business and notice how comfortable and confident you begin to feel in your skin. 
Stop desiring to be understood and liked by everyone. That’s never going to happen. Instead, fully step into your uniqueness, accepting and embracing your values and beliefs. 
This mindset shift will give you the freedom you need as you create your growing, successful business. 
Do you see how satisfying and liberating it can be for both you and your business when you choose to embrace YOU and everything about YOU? 
So choose today to be authentically and unapologetically YOU. There is nothing better you can do for your business. 
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