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3 Reasons to Take Your Advice if You Want Your Business to Succeed

May 18, 2022

3 Reasons to Take Your Advice if You Want Your Business to Succeed

Let’s talk about it – ADVICE – The good, the bad, the weird, and the parts of it you wish you really would have taken.
It seems these days, in business and life in general, that everyone has something to say about something. When it comes to giving advice, humans tend to be very generous.
But did you know that taking and giving advice is a practical skill and that it is central to effective leadership and decision making?
So next time, think twice before giving or taking advice.
Here’s what Rafferty, business expert, has to say on advice: “A person advising another out of his own experiences has a higher level of reality on its workability than anyone else. We know that few if anyone will go out and use that wisdom, but there’s one person who could and that’s the person himself.”
If there’s one bit of advice you can take from Rafferty, it’s this:
There’s SO much value in taking your advice and I’m here to tell you all about it.
Before we jump right in, there’s something VERY IMPORTANT we need to address. 
Advice that has not been tried and tested, should not be given. If it’s something you wouldn’t implement, why suggest that someone else does?
Be 100% confident that the advice you are giving is expert advice. Give advice only on that which you are an expert on. Be confident that your advice will contribute to another’s sexy business and sexy life. And before you dish it out to others, make sure you are implementing it in your own life and business. 
Here are 3 reasons why you need to be doing just that - implementing your advice in your business and life:

It Builds Trust Within Your Team

If you’re not taking your advice, what kind of message are you portraying? When you don’t take your advice, you send mixed messages. These mixed messages confuse your employees, colleagues, and team members. And naturally, they will wonder why you’re not following your advice. 

They might think you’re being dishonest. Or they’ll deduce that the advice isn’t expert advice? They’ll wonder “Is she an expert? Does she know what she’s talking about?”
These are questions you don’t want to be asked about yourself. It leaves an open door for people to wonder about your sincerity and honesty. 
If you hadn’t realized it, not taking your advice has a bigger impact than you might think. It can rattle the very foundations of your business, your team dynamic, and the health of your business relationships

It Boosts Your Wellbeing and Self-confidence

By taking your advice, you prove to yourself that you know what you are talking about and that you are capable of success and greatness.
If you don’t trust yourself, how can you expect anyone else to? Start believing YOU and being confident in what it is you have to say. Trust yourself enough to take your advice. You are capable of owning a successful business but you have to believe you can before you do.
Take your advice, start succeeding in business and see what it does to your self-confidence and well-being.

It Reminds Us of Our Responsibility to Ourselves

When you take your advice, it shows you are a responsible and growing human being.  If you don’t look inward and take your advice to find solutions, you avoid any responsibility you have in solving that problem.
It’s only natural then to start blaming everyone else in sight. That usually makes the problem last longer and causes your business to become stuck. 

So, Why Aren’t You Taking Your Advice?

“We often try to be a hero to others in the areas where we aren’t being a hero to ourselves.”
Now that I’ve convinced you to start taking your advice, it might be worth thinking a bit about why you weren’t taking your advice from the start. . That’s the key to getting back on track and thriving in business. 
  • Are you not taking your advice because you haven’t consulted yourself? This is a very important step that should not be missed. You are an expert and therefore you have a lot of the answers at your fingertips. Tap into that expert advice and give yourself credit where credit is due. 
  • Are you not taking your advice because of the pride factor? Is it because if you face challenges down the line, from taking your advice, then there’s no one but yourself to blame? 
  • Are you not taking your advice because of logistics and management challenges? 
Maybe it’s time to stop and assess how your business is running. Because a sexy business always starts with a sexy foundation. It can’t grow into a sexy business from an ugly foundation.
And let’s remember one thing: You can’t possibly be an expert in everything. So be willing to take advice from others too. It shows that you’re teachable, approachable, and willing to learn.
This is the perfect time for The My Sexy Business Team to step right in. We would love to be part of your team: helping you to listen to your expert advice and providing other advice where you might need it.
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