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Design a Sexy Business
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Hi, I’m Kim White, founder of the My Sexy Business Team & Community. Whether you are wanting to start “something”, but you aren’t sure what, or you already have a great business and you’re just looking for ways to make it better and your life sexier…we are here for you!

We offer creative solutions for business owners and entrepreneurs through a fierce mastermind community. You will find many free events, podcasts, a magazine, weekly livestreams, lots of ideas and information to find out if we are your flavor. Explore the website to discover the many things this community is doing together with YOU, fellow entrepreneur, in mind!

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We believe business is better together!

The My Sexy Business Mastermind Community has many facets so we encourage you to explore the different creative solutions we offer for business owners and entrepreneurs... like support, accountability, strategy, and so much more. We hope to see you on the inside!

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