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The #1 Way To Build A Meaningful Community (And Why Your Business Needs It)

Aug 29, 2022

The #1 Way To Build A Meaningful Community (And Why Your Business Needs It)

What’s the secret to a marketing strategy that actually works? 
Now, a lot of people will nod their heads and agree, but before you do the same, ask yourself,  “Have I set up the right kind of strategy for building relationships in my business?”
Because we aren’t talking about short-term transactional relationships that are only about surface-level conversations in order to make quick sales. 
A successful thriving business needs a network of genuine and meaningful relationships. 
Long-term relationships that weave together around you to form a community. 

A Community Promotes Growth

Why does your business need community? 
While having a community around your business will definitely promote sales, it actually isn’t the most important motivator.
A healthy community will help you to grow as an entrepreneur. Being surrounded by people who can help you learn about their areas of expertise is so valuable to your business and personal growth. 
A healthy community provides a network. Every single person that joins that network is also provided with the opportunity to grow their business and succeed.  This kind of broader business growth around you adds value for them but also for you because your business will always be associated with the successes they have.
So what is the My Sexy Business Team’s strategy for building amazing relationships and a meaningful community? It’s called The Biz Candy Bowl. 
Sounds delicious right? It is! 

A Community Gathers Around Value

“Everyone knows the desk with the best candy bowl in the office.”
If you’ve ever worked in an office space, there was probably that one desk where everybody seemed to gather around each day. 
When the clock hit 2.30 pm everyone knew it was time to go for a little stroll over to the desk with the fully stocked candy bowl. 
The bowl may have been full of M&M’s or kisses, something nice and sweet to have a little nibble on to get you through the rest of the afternoon. 
And what happened while everyone was nibbling on their treats? Relaxed conversation and fun office banter. Maybe some after-work social plans were made. Then everyone would retreat back to their desk for the final stretch after a nice enjoyable time at the oasis. 

A Community Needs A Place To Meet

So here’s the science behind the Biz Candy Bowl: 
If you’re trying to build relationships and a community around your business then you have to set up a candy bowl at your virtual desk for your potential clients. 
Ask yourself what will make them want to hang out with you and spend time with you, and build relationships with you. 
And the key word is “ATTRACT.” 
“It’s important to value the relationships around us and to entice the right people.”
The truth is that whoever owned that bowl of candy in the office had a plan. They were putting that candy out there because they knew the effect it would have. They wanted people to come over and spend time at their desks. 
As entrepreneurs, building authentic and meaningful relationships needs to be at the forefront of our business plan. 
So we need to think about a place to meet. It might be physical or virtual. These days there are so many online platforms to spend time with people and build authentic relationships. 

Trust Is Good For Business

If one of your goals is to have a relational business, then remember this. 
Relationships are built on a foundation of regular positive experiences.  Sometimes these interactions are small, indirect and under the radar. They might be easy to go unnoticed, like casual banter around a candy bowl. 
Think about how you can create a habit for your clients of coming over to your candy bowl, knowing they are going to get something good out of spending time with you. 
“What are you doing in your business to attract others to build a relationship with you?”
Building habits is physiological and has long-term effects. And the best clients are long-term clients. 
And let’s not forget that if you have set up a successful “Biz Candy Bowl” then whenever you have a new product to sell, there’s a crowd of happy people around you just waiting to buy it or refer it to their friends. 
Business isn’t all about making sales, but making sales is a very important part of running a successful business. 
The trick is for every sale to be a win-win for both people: the buyer and the seller. 
So what are you putting in the Candy Bowl for your business? 
Do your clients have a “sweet tooth?”
How are you attracting people to spend time with you in an authentic way?
How are you setting up your schedule so that it’s easy for people to build relationships with you?
What are you offering to people that lead to meaningful interactions?
If you’d like to see our Biz Candy Bowl in action then join us on  Clubhouse, Monday to Friday, 7 am to 9 am Central. We have conversations every day about all things relating to entrepreneurship with the members of our community who are so generous in sharing their wisdom and expertise. 
So pop in to listen to the conversation, or even better, join us on stage. We love meeting new people with a passion to build a sexy business for a sexy life.