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Six Must-Haves for That Sexy Business Flavor

Jun 28, 2021

Six Must-Haves for That Sexy Business Flavor

Have you ever stopped to think about what your business flavor is? No, not triple chocolate or vanilla swirl… your business flavor. Building a sexy business and a sexy life starts with knowing your flavor. And I’m here to help you discover what yours is, and to ensure that it’s a super sexy one. 
As a business and an individual you have a certain kind of flavor. You have a natural tendency towards certain things and an aversion towards others. You attract some people and you don’t click as well with others. This is what makes up your flavor
Your clients (and potential clients) also have a flavor that they are attracted to. And it’s everything that we mean when we say “sexy.” You want your clients to want to work with you and to be attracted to your flavor. That is sexy. You need to have a sexy flavor to have a sexy business and a sexy life. 
You are probably dying to know what that sexy flavor is and how you can get it for your business. 

Six Must-Haves For A Sexy Flavor

Well, here are a few must-haves to ensure a sexy flavor in business and life. 
Your flavor should be INFECTIOUS. It should ignite a passion in your business that spreads through it all. Igniting a passion in your clients and making an impact all over.
Your flavor should be one that IMPLEMENTS. When you set out to do something, make sure you get it done. Not just done, but done to the best of your ability. Done in such a way that people stop and stare. 
Have a flavor that is FUN and at the same time does business in a sexy way. Why can’t you have the best of both worlds?
Have a flavor that BALANCES work and play. Work hard and play hard too. 
Have an old-school, ICONIC kind of flavor. A flavor that is interested in lifelong, meaningful relationships with clients.
Have a flavor that COLLABORATES. Be all about teamwork to make your dream work.

How To Figure Out Your Flavor

Now that you know what a sexy flavor is, you’re probably wondering how to find your unique sexy flavor.
Spend some time answering these questions honestly.
What draws you in?
What repels you?
Who excites and ignites passion in you?
Who drains energy from you?
There is also a kind of flavor that is not so sexy and you need to know how this flavor tastes and looks so that you don’t fall victim to it. A not so sexy flavor:
Is all about the ‘get rich quick schemes.’
Makes sketchy deals 
Doesn’t keep their word.
Doesn’t stick to their commitments 
You need to know what flavors to avoid, as well as figuring out what your flavor IS. Knowing these things about yourself and your business will make it so much easier to have a sexy business and a sexy life. 

How Does Your Flavor Impact Your Business?

SO why is knowing, understanding and getting clear about your flavor so important? 
It’s important because It means ALOT to your business.
It’s important because it helps you attract the right kind of clients. 
It’s important because it helps you to know when you should say yes and when you should say no. 
It’s important because it makes it so much easier to do business with the people that you want to do business with. 
Knowing your flavor is the foundation to building a sexy business for a sexy life. And this flavor will keep you on track when your sexy business starts to explode with clients. It will also keep you focused during the rough times, when you may be tempted to adopt any flavor to get the clients. 
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