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Steps to Help You Become a Sexy Kind of Contagious In Business

May 24, 2021
Are You Contagious?

Steps to Help You Become a Sexy Kind of Contagious In Business

How much are you prepared to pay to get that ultimate marketing tactic for your business? It may be a pretty high number if that secret weapon guarantees to get your dream clients and customers running towards you, instead of running away from you. 

What if the price tag wasn’t actually a number, instead of paying a physical amount, you had to do a “health check” on your sexy business? And to pass you needed to ace the “Contagious Test?” … But not in the way you expect.

A Contagious Business is a Sexy Business

Contagious. A word that is used a lot around the world these days. Think: Global Pandemic. Vaccinations. Lockdowns. Restrictions. 

Contagious. Something you definitely don’t want to be. (Well, not always.)

In the medical world, being contagious is a really bad thing! It means you’re carrying a sickness that can spread from one person to another as you make contact with them. 

But there is a good kind of contagiousness. When the thing you are carrying is not a disease, but a sexy business proposal, then it can have the OPPOSITE effect. That kind of contagiousness will have people running towards you and not from you. 

When it comes to business, being CONTAGIOUS is sexy. 

The Crux of Contagiousness

What energy do you bring to your business? Is it the kind of sexy energy that draws people to you and that makes them want nothing more than to do business with you? 

That’s what we call “Infectious Energy.”  And that’s at the core of being contagious. 

Infectious Energy impacts your whole business and is rooted in an unwavering belief in what your business is doing. 

You believe that your business stands for something meaningful. 
That your goals are something to be proud of.
That your mission statement has purpose.
That the service you provide will make a valuable impact. 
That your marketing is sexy. 

When you genuinely believe all those things to be true, you can’t help but have infectious energy. And when your energy is infectious, your connections and sales are impacted for the better! 

But they are also impacted if you don’t believe in your business. If you don’t believe in your business - what you are selling - or that your marketing is on point then your business will be the wrong kind of contagious, and you will see people running away from you instead of running to you. 

How to Become More Contagious

What Doesn’t Matter is your Personality Type. It’s easy to imagine that only bubbly, talkative people can be contagious, but it’s not true. An infectious energy has nothing to do with whether you are a loud or soft spoken person. You can be either personality type, and still be contagious. 

You can hype someone up with your loud and proud personality or quietly draw someone in with your peacefulness. You need to be the kind of sexy contagious that suits your style and your business. 

What Does Matter is your Confidence. An infectious energy comes from confidence. Confidence in knowing what your business does, knowing who it’s for and knowing who it’s not for. It comes from you believing in what you are selling and believing in yourself. 


Before you double your marketing budget or outsource your marketing to the pros, check back in with yourself. You are at the core of your Sexy Business Marketing Strategy. So take a moment to examine your life and your business and make sure that you are the sexy kind of contagious. 

Would you ace the Contagious Health Check for your business? 

  1. Are people drawn to you or are people running from you?
  2. Are you excited about your offer?
  3. Are you excited about your business?
  4. Are you excited about your marketing?

It’s not always easy to get that right on your own. It’s often a whole lot easier when you can get some coaching from someone who has walked this road ahead of you. That’s what the My Sexy Business Team is all about - helping you so that you can make your business as healthy, contagious and sexy as possible!