Are you bringing the champagne & balloons?

Nov 01, 2021

Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate Your Success (in Life And Business)

What do you do when you reach one of the major milestones in your business? Pop the champagne and bring out the balloons, of course! Whether it’s making your first million, signing a profitable client, or a special business anniversary, it’s natural to stop and enjoy the rewards of your hard work and efforts.
But what about the small wins? How do you celebrate those? Are you celebrating them at all? Maybe you haven’t even noticed you've been achieving them in your daily and weekly routines? 
What if I told you that celebrating the small wins in your business is actually the key to success, and ignoring them could be detrimental to your business’s growth and image.
Here are 5 reasons every entrepreneur should celebrate their small wins: 

Celebrating Small Wins Paves a Strong Foundation

Your biggest goal as a business owner is probably growth and success (and that will look different to each individual people). The problem is that “Growth” and “Success” can be a LONG process. 
Every successful business or entrepreneur stands on a strong foundation of celebrated small wins that motivated them to keep going and eventually achieve their BIG win. 
Celebrating the small wins motivates us from the inside out and reminds us that the journey is just as important as the destination. It helps us cultivate a productive attitude to our business and it helps us to set up JOY and INTEREST as some of the building blocks of our foundation.
Therefore CELEBRATE. Celebrate at different points in the journey, and not just at the final destination. 

Celebrating Small Wins Cultivates a Healthy Perspective

You’re going a hundred miles an hour in your business and you’re feeling exhausted. You haven't stopped for a moment because you feel like there simply isn't any time.  
Does this describe some of your busy work weeks or months?
You can’t recognize or even begin to think of celebrating the small wins because you have allowed yourself to believe that these wins aren’t important, because they aren’t the big kind of wins.
Stop fooling yourself and take time to stop and celebrate. 
Celebrating gives you perspective. It gives you time to “zoom out” and while you are celebrating that small win, you’ll be able to see the steps that got you there. 
You should now have a clearer perspective on how to accomplish your next big (or small) win!
This kind of healthy perspective is a win fr your team, your employees, and your business as a whole.  (Another reason to celebrate!)

Celebrating Small Wins Helps You to be Present in the Moment

Running a business can be overwhelming. Stress, anxiety, and worry are 3 common feelings most entrepreneurs experience.
Entrepreneurs are also encouraged to be goal-focused, which often means “future-focused.” It’s easy to live 10 steps ahead of today.
Celebrating small wins help you to focus on the present moment instead of being preoccupied (and stressed) about the future.  
Be intentional about celebrating your small wins. It reduces stress, anxiety, and worry - things we know that can build up far too quickly for a small business owner, and that can hurt your business from the inside out.

Celebrating Small Wins Boosts Self-Confidence in your Employees and Team 

Celebrating usually includes verbal acknowledgments of what has been achieved. Whether it’s said out loud or written in an email to your team, that sentence is more powerful than you think. 
Research has shown that tracking small, daily achievements not only boosts self-confidence but also activates the reward and pleasure centers of our brains.
A boosted self-confident employee will be motivated to keep on keeping on. So take a cue from science and make a point of celebrating your employees' accomplishments whether they are big or small. 

Celebrating Small Wins Helps You Avoid Entrepreneurial Burnout

When you’re building a business, there is never an end to your list of tasks and responsibilities. 
If you just keep running on that hamster wheel, you will eventually burn out and you will watch the embers of your business die. That is not a sexy business or a sexy life. 
Celebrating the small wins in business will remind you why you do what you do. It will remind you of what you’re passionate about, and what your strengths are. 
When your business feels like a never-ending list of responsibilities, it might be time to stop and recalibrate. Celebrating is a perfect way to do just that. 
You have to be the one that stops the busy “go-go-go” and takes time to celebrate. But don’t add that onto your list as another “To-Do.” 
See it as an opportunity to lay good foundations, boost your team, gain perspective, and accelerate your business growth.
Do you have enough reasons to party?
Celebrating is always more fun in a group! We have a dynamic group of entrepreneurs, speakers, coaches, podcasters, and authors growing a sexy business and a sexy life together in our Mastermind Collaboration Class. 
This might be exactly what you need to kickstart your celebrations and keep them consistent as you build your sexy business for a sexy life.

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